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Legal Malpractice in Employment Law Cases

Unfortunately, not every lawyer is as careful or as knowledgeable as we’d like. As in other professions, most certainly and most obviously law, some professionals are more careful and knowledgeable than others. Here at Costello, Mains & Silverman, LLC, we don’t look for “legal malpractice” cases, but we do come across them. We limit our legal malpractice caseload to those matters in which lawyers have made errors that have cost their former clients the opportunity to have their matter fairly heard in Court. We further limit our practice to those cases with legal malpractice fact patterns which involve the type of law that we know and do well.

For example, we’ve had legal malpractice cases where an attorney failed to file a personal injury lawsuit within the applicable statute of limitations, thereby depriving the client of the opportunity to have their matter tried before a jury.

We’ve had employment law matters and discrimination and workplace harassment matters where an attorney filed in the wrong forum, filed out of time, misplead or failed to plead the appropriate theories, or otherwise made mistakes that disadvantaged or eliminated their clients’ chance for success.

Reluctantly, but determined to make sure that those in our profession are held to the highest standards, we will accept legal malpractice matters where an attorney has made a clear legal error involving a case in a practice that we know and do well, such as personal injury, employment rights and civil rights. For a free consultation, please contact our office online or at 866-944-3371.