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What Is Equal Pay Under The Law?

New Jersey Workers Have A Right To Receive Equal Pay For Equal Work

The employment relationship is not free from the biases and shortcomings of our society. The wage gap is evidence of persistent discrimination against women, people of color, people with disabilities and other targeted groups. New Jersey has taken steps in recent years to address this discrimination as it pertains to equal pay for equal work.

The Diane B. Allen Equal Pay Act is one of the most advanced efforts in the country to stop pay discrimination. It should help close loopholes that employers have used for decades to get away with paying some classes of employees less for their efforts. If the act is applied aggressively, it can help countless New Jersey workers gain access to the pay and benefits they deserve.

Experienced Employment Law Attorneys

At Costello, Mains & Silverman, LLC, we have decades of experience fighting for the rights of workers. With two certified trial attorneys, we are ready and willing to fight any employer in New Jersey over discriminatory pay practices. We have the skill and the resources to take on the biggest companies and win. You deserve nothing less than our best efforts at getting the money you deserve for your work.

Evidence And Investigation

Your employer has probably not been kind enough to be honest and upfront with you about its discrimination. Many managers, though not all, have learned not to be open about pay practices that are blatantly sexist, racist or discriminatory. You need a lawyer who can help you uncover the right kind of evidence to prove that you are not receiving proper pay and benefits. We can do that.

Act Now To Assert Your Rights As An Employee

Putting an end to pay discrimination will take time and effort. We are eager to help you learn the truth about your company’s pay practices and hold it accountable for its misdeeds. Contact us online or call 866-944-3371 to discuss your situation today.