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Casino Employee Discrimination

Costello, Mains & Silverman, LLC is at the forefront of holding Casinos accountable for violations of the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination, the Conscientious Employee Protection Act (The CEPA or Whistleblower Statute) and both the Federal and State Family Leave Laws. In fact, the law firm is currently in litigation with a number of casinos, over the issue of gender and sexual stereotyping for cocktail servers. The firm is also involved in representing forty plus former cocktail servers that were fired from Resorts, it is contended, discriminatorily.

Casinos have a very special place in the economy of Atlantic City and thus of New Jersey. They are valued contributors to the tax base and to the employment pool, but that does not mean that they have special rights to ignore the laws. Casinos which do not respect the fact that sexual, gender and other stereotypes are not permitted, even for the sake of “putting on a show,” must be held accountable.

The firm has represented both individuals and group “classes” of people against the Casinos for violating New Jersey’s Employment laws.

Costello, Mains & Silverman, LLC has made its name in the field of employment and civil rights challenging the often shady – and sometimes blatantly illegal – ways that casinos attempt to get around workers’ rights. Just because they’re an important industry for New Jersey doesn’t mean they’re above the law. If your rights as a casino employee have been violated in the area of discrimination, workplace harassment, whistleblowing retaliation, wage and hour abuse or sexual harassment, contact Costello, Mains & Silverman, LLC.