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Do I Have An Employment Law Case?

Discrimination, Harassment And Bullying In The Workplace Is Illegal In New Jersey

If you have been subjected to bullying, abuse, hostility or intimidation because of your race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, apparent or perceived orientation, military service or status, cellular or blood trait, disability, perceived disability or age, then you have a case.

How strong your employment law case is will depend on:

  • How long term the conduct has been.
  • Who directed it towards you (co-workers, supervisors, managers or owners?).
  • Whether the conduct was severe or just continuous and gradually building.
  • How clearly bigoted and discriminatory the conduct is.

You have the right to recover simply because you were exposed to the conduct. You do not need medicine or medical treatment to substantiate the impact of this conduct upon you. Human dignity is the measure by which juries compensate victims of discriminatory workplace harassment.

You also have a case for workplace harassment if you are subjected to that hostility or abuse because you supported other people in making their own claims for discrimination or harassment, or if you have revealed an illegal, fraudulent or other wrongful conduct by your employer or by your co-workers.

Other Instances Of New Jersey Employment Law Violations

You have an employment law case if:

  • You and perhaps others have been denied overtime for the hours in excess of forty that you have worked.
  • You have been retaliated against for having asked for or taken family medical leave.
  • You have been denied family medical leave by a qualified employer and when you are a qualified employee.
  • You have been denied the right to a reasonable accommodation because of your disability in order to have allowed you to be fully productive.
  • You have not been paid the prevailing wage as a contractor on a public job.
  • You have been fired in retaliation for making a workers’ compensation claim.

In all of these cases, you have the right to compensatory damages for pain and suffering, to “shift” the attorneys’ fees (that is, our bill) to the defendant, and have them pay it instead of you, and to ask, in certain cases, for punitive damages and economic losses.

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