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Many of the issues we deal with are highly personal and stressful for our clients. Employment law disputes, personal injuries and civil rights violations can change your life dramatically. It is important to find an attorney you trust to protect you, fight for you and believe in you. At Costello, Mains & Silverman, LLC, we understand how difficult it is to find the right lawyer to handle your case. We encourage you to get to know our firm and our approach to these sensitive issues before making this choice.

Get To Know Us

Our firm is at the forefront of the battle against employment and civil rights violations. We are dedicated advocates for victims of personal injury accidents. We work to educate people about their rights and about efforts to protect those rights in and out of the courtroom. To learn more about us and the work we do, please review any or all of the following:

These will give you an idea of what we do to help our clients get the protection they deserve.

If you have questions or want to schedule a confidential consultation to discuss your case, contact us online or call us at 866-944-3371.