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About Costello, Mains & Silverman, LLC

Our Lawyers Are Ready To Fight For You

The mission of our New Jersey employment, injury and civil rights attorneys is to try cases in the service of our clients and the cause of justice. That’s our “thing.” We’re at the top of our game and at the top of our field. It’s what we’re known for.

Our employment attorneys are knowledgeable about every aspect of employee rights, handling cases as diverse as sexual harassment claims, employment discrimination claims, LGBTQ rights claims, transgender claims, gender discrimination claims, race discrimination claims, whistleblower claims, retaliation claims, failure to accommodate disability claims, age discrimination claims, prevailing wage claims, wage and hour class actions (overtime pay, minimum wage), national origin discrimination claims and more.

Attorneys Costello, Mains & Silverman, LLC is certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as civil trial attorneys. Only 2.2% of New Jersey attorneys are certified. He is expert in the field of civil litigation.

As personal injury attorneys, we understand the tricks and tactics used to block injured people from receiving the compensation they deserve. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident, slip-and-fall or workplace accident, we can help you. We also assist people who have suffered from nursing home abuse or neglect or who have been injured by defective products.

New Jersey School Rights Lawyers Protecting Students

In representing students in New Jersey schools and universities, we fight against school bullying, cyberbullying, school harassment and discrimination in schools. Our school discrimination cases involve failure by schools to abide by 504 plans and individualized education programs (IEPs), failure to accommodate disabled or handicapped students, and more.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
– Martin Luther King Jr.

Against whom do we go to war? Against the largest Fortune 500 and 100 corporations. Against state and federal governments. Against public bodies, the police, schools, anyone who discriminates, harasses, retaliates or breaks our employment and civil rights laws. We’ve challenged them all. We try employment cases in every county of New Jersey and in every federal court in New Jersey. We fear nothing and no one. We always tell the truth. We always back up what we say with action.

There aren’t many employment and civil rights lawyers in New Jersey. It’s a tough field, because so many employers and government institutions use scorched-earth tactics; they try to paper a plaintiff to death. Of those few who do practice in this field, not many will handle the variety and complexity of cases we will because, frankly, it’s scary for them. Not many employment and civil rights law firms in New Jersey have our resources. Not many have our experience. And not many have our will and our tenacity.

We believe strongly in the rights of the person, not of the corporation or of the government. It’s the mantra and mission of each New Jersey civil rights attorney at our firm.

New Jersey Employment And Civil Rights Violations

Have your employment or educational rights been violated? We are here to help if you are:

  • A victim of sexual harassment
  • A whistleblower
  • A member of a wage and hour class action
  • A victim of disability discrimination
  • A victim of workplace harassment
  • A victim of wrongful discharge or wrongful termination
  • A victim of racial or ethnic discrimination
  • A victim of religious discrimination
  • A victim of sexual orientation discrimination
  • A disabled worker who’s not receiving reasonable accommodations
  • A victim of age discrimination
  • A victim of sex discrimination
  • Hurt on the job
  • A victim of workplace bigotry
  • A victim of retaliation
  • A victim of homophobia
  • A victim of transgender discrimination
  • A victim of school bullying
  • A victim of cyberbullying
  • A victim of school discrimination

At Costello, Mains & Silverman, LLC, in Mount Laurel, we fight to protect the rights of people throughout New Jersey by filing claims in court to get them the compensation they deserve. We fight for individuals and families by taking on negligent employers, school boards and insurance companies. Contact our attorneys today to learn more about how we can help you.

Personal Injury

Costello, Mains & Silverman, LLC‘s “pedigree” is as a trial lawyer. He learned his craft trying complex personal injury matters such as medical malpractice cases, nursing home abuse and neglect cases, construction accident and product liability matters, auto accidents, slip-and-falls, and more. He held a long-standing record for the largest verdict in Cape May County history, a jury award of $6.4 million in a complex personal injury matter.

If you or a family member needs assistance in these areas of law, look no further for a trial lawyer who knows how to talk to juries about devastating, lifelong injuries and the toll they take not only on the injured, but also on their families.

If you were wronged, please call us today at 866-944-3371 or contact us online to arrange a confidential consultation.