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Termination in violation of your employment contract

It's critical to review your employment contract before you begin working for a new employer. Neglecting to do so could result in you signing something that doesn't have your best interests in mind.

Your employment contract protects you in many ways, such as in the event of termination. It's possible that your company may have terminated your employment in violation of your contract.

How much are tipped employees required to be paid?

You take a new job as a server or a bartender. You know that much of your earnings will come through tips. You consider it one of the perks of the job, as you're very good with people and you assume you'll make a fair amount.

But what does it mean for your wages from your employer? How much do you need to get paid?

Workplace retaliation is wrong, even if a complaint is groundless

Employers have a responsibility to treat their employees fairly and avoid retaliating against an employee who exercises their rights or files complaints with the human resources department. When an employer responds to an employee defending one or several of their rights with punishment of some kind, the employee may have grounds for an employer retaliation suit.

In many ways, the laws that govern how we do business in the United States favor employers and give them broad powers to operate as they see fit. This, among other reasons, is why it is so important for employees to stand firm when an employer oversteps its bounds.

Keep your eyes open for signs of age discrimination

As you age, you may have concerns about discrimination in the workplace. It's not legal, but some employers will do whatever it takes to replace older workers with members of a younger generation.

While there are many signs of age discrimination, these four are among the most common:

  • Other workers your age are being terminated or offered buyouts to leave the company: If you see this happening, along with younger workers coming in behind them, stay on the lookout for other signs of age discrimination.
  • Your duties are given to a younger worker: If your job responsibilities are slowly being reassigned to younger workers, it's possible age discrimination is at play. Along with this, you may realize that someone with your experience aadoesn't typically perform your new duties.
  • No more raises: This is one of the quickest ways for an employer to run an older employee out of the company. If they stop giving raises, it's their hope that you leave on your own.
  • Poor performance reviews: If you've always received positive reviews but now find that this isn't the case, learn more. There's a chance that it has nothing to do with your performance and everything to do with your age.

Are you a victim of workplace retaliation?

Conflicts in the workplace are a common part of any job, particularly if you work in an office environment. However, employers hold a great responsibility to navigate conflicts fairly and avoid punishing employees who raise concerns about actions or policies they find offensive or violate their rights.

Employees have rights that deserve protection, and the freedom to raise concerns about harassment and discrimination in the workplace without fear of retaliation is one of them. If an employer responds improperly to an employee's complaint and retaliates, the employer may find themselves facing serious legal consequences.

Should you report a sexually harassing text to police?

Sexual harassment in the workplace remains a common problem throughout the country. This comes in many forms, with instances transmitted through text messaging on the rise.

If you receive a sexually charged text message from a co-worker, there are a few key steps you need to take:

  • Don't respond
  • Report the incident to your employer
  • Consider reporting the incident to police

Signs of religious discrimination at work

Even though more and more people are tolerant of different races, creeds, genders and religions these days; problems still exist in our society. This means that it's quite possible you could face discrimination at your place of employment due to your religious beliefs. Today, we will discuss the signs of religious discrimination at work that you should look for.

Did your employer fail to accommodate you because of your religious beliefs? This is one of the most common signs of religious discrimination. The only reason an employer does not have to accommodate an employee because of their religious beliefs is if it would cause some sort of undue hardship. Reasonable accommodations include any of the following:

  • Relaxing the dress code to permit religious apparel
  • Making changes in the employee's schedule
  • Relaxing grooming policies

What to do about unpaid overtime

There may come a point when you request to work overtime, such as if you need to catch up on past assignments. Just the same, there are situations in which your employer may ask you to work overtime, such as if they're short-staffed.

While there's nothing wrong with working overtime, it's important to remember one thing: You may have the legal right to receive overtime pay.

Steps to take when sexual material is seen at work

You don't expect to be exposed to sexually explicit material in your workplace. However, despite the policies in place by your employer, some employees may ignore the rules. Should you come across sexually explicit material at work, you need to handle the situation appropriately. The following tips may be helpful.

Be sure to document as much information about the incident as possible. This includes the name of the employee who viewed or displayed the explicit video or pictures, the department where they work, the location where the incident occurred and anything else to support your claim.

A mild brain injury can damage a victim's career

Throughout of our daily lives, we are constantly at risk of serious injury but mostly manage to avoid physical injuries. However, driving cars, casual impact sports and even our work environment all present threats to our health.

This is particularly true when we receive a blow to the head, which can occur just about anywhere. A person may experience a fender-bender accident on the way to work and not even realize they suffered a serious injury, or may hit their head while at work and move along as if nothing happened. In many cases, we only tend to think we've suffered an injury if we feel pain or see visible signs of injury, like bleeding or bruising.

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