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Cyberbullying And Employment Law

With age comes wisdom. That's the theory, anyway. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of adults who seem to have avoided the maturation process. Bullying is often considered a problem among school-aged children. It is also a problem in countless workplaces, as adults...

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The Changing Face Of Bullying

For decades, school bullying was largely ignored. The issue was often considered just part of growing up. Even in situations where the bullying was obvious and easily identified, the penalties were often nonexistent. Kids were left to fend for themselves. Just...

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Have We Prevented Bullying?

October is Bullying Prevention month. Now that November is nearly upon us, perhaps we should take a look at efforts to address the problem of bullying. Shining a spotlight on the problem might be effective for a time, but when the spotlight is turned off, what is...

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The Impact Of Workplace Bullying

Some people consider bullying to be a problem reserved for young people. While bullying is certainly prevalent among children and young adults, it is not restricted to these groups. Bullying in the workplace is a common problem. A recent survey of workers showed that...

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The Response To School Bullying

The experience of being bullied or of parenting a child who is being bullied is not easy. Every situation is unique, but there are things that should always be done when bullying occurs. Schools cannot ignore bullying. Neither can they afford to respond in an uneven,...

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