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Please Note: Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.

“5 Star Review”

“I spoke to Jacquelyn Matchett about it and she said that this would be ok. So… I came to a parting of the ways with my previous employer under less than satisfactory terms. I contacted several law firms about representation in a possible lawsuit. One told me I did not have a case, one told me it wasn’t worth their time and your firm actually asked me to come in to discuss it.
I found everyone I have had contact with in your firm to be honest and upfront as well as companionate about my case. They are very professional and direct. They have kept me informed every step of the way. I am extremely satisfied with the level of attention and care they have delivered. I highly recommend the law firm of Costello and Mains. They are fantastic!!!”


“5.0 Stars”

“My time was almost out to file a Labor/Employment claim. I didn’t know where to turn. Fate & faith found us Kevin Costello. His HONESTY was profound. His knowledge, ethics & professionalism while remaining just like another person with me made a difficult issue more endurable. Having had the honor of seeing Mr. Costello in action, again, I must reiterate his knowledge, ethics & professionalism during this session. His staff is always kind, knowledgeable & professional. We were Blessed to have found our way to Kevin & his Team!”



“I had a very good experience with Costello & Mains. They were very professional and kept me well informed during the whole process. Everyone on the staff is sharp, and friendly. They helped to make an extremely stressful experience almost enjoyable.”

Cory McGough

“Continue to recommend the law firm”

“I was referred to the law firm of Costello & Mains by a co-worker that was aware of the situation I was in at my place of employment. My telephone conversation with Dan Silverman, Esquire gave me the assurance that I was being taken seriously and that my legal issues would be addressed. My first meeting with Dan assured me that I had a team on my side that was ready to bring my issues and concerns into the court of law. After waiting some time to begin negotiations with the opposing party, Dan Silverman would not in any way be intimidated. I would just like to thank Dan Silverman & the partners of Costello & Mains, LLC for taking my case and resolving the issues. This case not only settled but in addition caused a major policy change. I have and will continue to recommend the law firm for any legal issue I will encounter. With this firm, you can just relax and know that you are in the best legal hands you can find throughout not only New Jersey but in the United States of America.”

Michael S.

“Thank You From the Bottom of My Heart”

“Thank you so much for all that you did for me! I was at a point where I had no hope that anyone would ever be on my side and your office worked very diligently to defend me. I don’t think that there are words that can aptly describe my appreciation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Tina Sharesky

“Most Patient and Fearless Employment Attorney’s in NJ”

“Was recently represented by Deborah Mains with Costello & Mains, LLC They represented me in a difficult case against my former management. The company was a fortune 500 with a very tough defense. After a brutal deposition, I honestly thought my chances were close to zero on getting any kind of settlement for lost wages. I was truly impressed and shocked that my case was able to settle later on for a fair amount. I am more than happy with my results with Costello & Mains and I would highly recommend them to any friends or family that might have a need for their services in the future. Thanks again for your patients in me and hard work. I am forever grateful.”

Jay, New Jersey

“South Jersey Employment Attorneys”

Costello & Mains represented me in a difficult lawsuit with a former employer. I initially met with Dan Silverman who walked me through the process and determined that I had a better than 50/50 chance of winning. He was so right. He kept me informed throughout the entire process and was knowledgeable and professional. Also, because I quit voluntarily, my employer was successful in preventing me from collecting unemployment. Deborah Mains advised me to appeal. Not only was I awarded unemployment but I shortly received $14K in back unemployment wages. The final step in the process was to partake in mediation. For that, I have Drake Bearden to thank. We met at the mediator’s office and he walked me through the process, at the end of which, we reached a very generous settlement in my favor.

I have already recommended a co-worker to contact Costello and Mains and I will continue to “sing their praises.” Their entire staff has each client’s best interest at heart”


Awesome experience, better than expected outcome!!”

“Everyone at the office has always been kind and helpful. They didn’t give up on my case no matter how BIG the company was that we were up against and no matter how long it was drawn out. Thank you Kevin and your team, Thank you!!”

Billy Ray

“Outstanding Service”

“I recently had Costello & Mains represent me in a legal matter. My attorney was Daniel Silverman. This is a testament to the outstanding service I was afforded. Costello & Mains corresponded with me and kept me informed of every detail of the process. I was well prepared for my case. The opposing attorney was tough, but my attorney countered everything. From the bottom of my layperson heart, a big thank you.”


“Spirit to Fight for the Rights of Individuals”

“I will highly recommend the firm of Kevin Costello and Deborah Mains to my family, friends and to anyone in need of an Employment Attorney. The firm handled my case and they have the knowledge and experience, along with a very high spirit to fight for the rights of individuals, whether it is a big or small case.

Thank you again for the job well done by the firm.”

Ceferino L. Doculan Jr.

“Tied Witness in Knots in Deposition”

“Dan did depositions of my harasser. Not only did he have her pointing out the lies and inaccuracies in her own signed testimony, but he had her testify to the truthfulness and credibility of our chief witness! By the time he got done with her, she didn’t know whether to “sh** or wind her wristwatch,” as Jack Nicholson said in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”


“outstanding job”

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you and to recognize your firm for the outstanding job and level of performance in handling my case. As you know my case was very complicated, technical and “area specific” and from day one you and your team paid close attention to ensure complete understanding and to guild me through the process while keeping me on-task and focused. This in many cases required after normal hours, nights and weekend work by your team and myself.

I found Ms. Telles to be an extremely professional, intelligent, well-spoken and confidant attorney. She is very meticulous, detail oriented and accurate leaving very little to no room for disputes from other attorneys. She is very, poised, dependable, patient and, from my observation, is well respected by her peers.

In closing, I highly recommend Costello & Mains to anyone in need of an Employment Attorney, you will not be disappointed.

Again thank you for everything.”


“Wonderful Assistance”

“Dear Costello & Mains:

I just wanted to say “thank you” for your wonderful assistance in my case. It was a very sensitive journey for me and you made the experience as seamless as possible. For Dan, I see a very bright future as a “Super Duper” attorney… thanks again for your kindness and strategic pursuit…

Sincerely, TS.”

“Gone Out of Their Way to Help”

“From my point of view, the firm has helped me and gone out of their way to help me understand every step of the process. I greatly appreciate Dan’s and everyone’s at the firm assistance. I would gladly recommend the firm to anyone needing legal assistance.”

Willam V.

“I am so Appreciative to have Found You/Your Firm”

“I wanted to take a moment to express how very grateful I am to you for your belief and support in me during this very difficult process. I am so appreciative to have found you/your firm as my legal representative in this matter. Thank you both for your patience, understanding and ability to allow me to express my anxieties and concerns and fears throughout this entire process, while still being able to retain a shred of dignity without any embarrassment for sharing too much. Thank you!”


“Caring Community of People who Know Law”

“I was skeptical having found Costello & Mains, LLC on an internet search, having recently moved to New Jersey.

What I found was a caring community of people who know law. I was contacted by Kevin Costello within an hour of my leaving an e-mail on their website, a sign of good things to come.

The staff at Costello & Mains are prompt, courteous, don’t make promises that they can’t keep and are scrupulously honest in their dealings with their clients. I am more than satisfied with their attitude, service and professionalism. I highly recommend them.”

Fran L.

“Having You There Allowed Me to Weather This Awful Storm”

“Thank you so much for everything. As an island girl, I have said to many during this ordeal, “Oh the sea is so wide and my boat is so small.” Having you there allowed me to weather this awful storm. You provided me calmness and stability- when I needed it most.”

Audrey K.

“Comprehensive Guidance on Legal Matters”

“It was very reassuring knowing that I could count on the firm to handle my case with the utmost confidence. Kevin is a remarkably talented, competent attorney with whom I established a trusting relationship from day one. He has an acute sensitivity to his client’s needs. I would recommend the firm without any reservation to anyone seeking such comprehensive guidance on legal matters. Thank you for a job well done!”


“Very Professional and so Very Helpful”

“Thank you Deborah Mains and Kevin Costello. I came to you a few years ago scared, upset and unsure of what to do about the situation I found myself in. Deborah was always straight forward with me; I always knew what to expect. I found comfort in her confidence, which was much needed. Throughout the duration of my case I was always well notified of what was next, and was sent a copy of all paperwork that pertained to the case. In short I never felt like I was left out in the dark. To everyone that works in the office, including paralegals to secretaries, thank you. If I ever had a question, or needed help understanding legal jargon or needed directions to the court house in Camden (a special thank you, Joann), I received answers. All of you were very professional and so very helpful.

Ever grateful,
Joanna Fitzsimmons”

“Class A Lawyer in My Book”


I would like to thank you again for all of your hard work and effort throughout the lawsuit. I appreciated all of your efforts on my behalf. I was so impressed with the passion, energy, and desire you displayed in court. I could tell from the first moments with the judge that you were going to fight with everything you had for my interests; and you did just that. Your honesty in apprising me of my chances throughout kept me grounded and focused. It also gave me a measure of comfort, that although our chances weren’t as strong as others might have been, that you still had the wherewithal, intestinal fortitude and integrity to stand up for me. This makes you a class A lawyer in my book and I will forever recommend you to anyone that is ever met with the type of situation I found myself in.

Thank you again and I wish you all of the best in your future endeavors.


“Wholehearted Recommendation”

“Mr. Costello and his associates made sure that I was informed throughout the entire process with various emails, letters, and phone calls. I was always in the loop and he listened to my concerns, questions, and requests. Mr. Costello was also very honest and realistic with me, and he helped me make the right decisions in my cases. I fully and wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Costello and his law firm.


Matthew J. Swartz
Director of Recreation”

“Staff Does An Exceptional Job”

“I am a client of Costello & Mains, LLC I had a case in which I retained Mr. Costello’s services for the first time and was extremely pleased! Mr. Costello personally as well as his staff returned my phone calls and answered any questions I had about my case. I have now retained Costello & Mains, LLC, for a second time and would retain his services going forward. I would not hesitate at all to send any of my friends or family to Mr. Costello as I know their cases would be handled the way mine were and are being handled. Not only is Mr. Costello there when I need him and promptly responds to any questions I have, his staff does an exceptional job as well. Again, I am extremely pleased with the services of Mr. Costello and his staff!!”

Tina, New Jersey

“Made this Frightening Experience Smooth for Me”

“Kevin and his staff made this frightening experience smooth for me. They held my hand throughout the case and calmed my fears about what to expect.
If it wasn’t for them, I can’t even imagine the outcome of this case. And he stuck it to them.”

Vivian E.

“Looking for a Lawyer, Look No Further”

“If you are looking for a lawyer, look no further. Mr. Costello works tirelessly to resolve a case. Whenever you talk with him to acquire about a matter, he explains it so well anyone can understand. All in all, he is very good in what he does and I would recommend him to anyone and everyone.”

Alex Geffrard

“Attention to Detail and Constant Contact”

“I was very happy with the way Mr. Costello handled my case. His attention to detail and constant contact let me know that my situation was never far from his mind. It was a comfort to know that my affairs were in such competent hands. I would recommend his services to anyone.”

Shirley, New Jersey

“most grateful & satisfied client”

“I am probably Kevin Costello‘s most grateful & satisfied client. He has always been right there for me, relentlessly standing up for my welfare and all my concerns. He has taken away my tears and fears many, many times. He truly cares about his clients and his total focus is ALWAYS on his client. For me, Kevin has been like my gentle giant big Brother, always protecting me and looking out for me as a person he cares about. I will always be absolutely certain that there is no greater lawyer to have on your side that Kevin Costello.

You can count on him!!!”

Linda Shirley

“Heartfelt Thanks”

“Let me express my heartfelt thanks for all of your hard work. What skill you applied at the end. It was very impressive.”

Eric, Southern New Jersey.