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Military Service Discrimination

Service members have it rough as it is. It’s not easy to put on the uniform because no matter what your job in the military might be, to some degree or another, you’re taking a risk. Military service people perform an honored and distinguished service to the United States. Members of the Coast Guard, Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps must be protected from discrimination based upon their status in the Armed Services.

The Uniform Services Employment and Re-Employment Rights Act, commonly referred to as USERRA, prohibits discrimination of certain types against uniformed service people. The USERRA requires job protection for service people returning from a military-based leave or performing certain military services.

The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination also prohibits discrimination and harassment based upon membership in the armed services and its sometimes inconvenient, but necessary, effects on the workplace. Employees who are teased, harassed, belittled or who have adverse job actions taken against them, such as termination, wrongful discharge or demotion, simply because they must sometimes perform military services that interfere in a small way with their jobs are afforded protection under the New Jersey LAD.

New Jersey also maintains a version of USERRA that almost precisely matches USERRA’s protections.

Those who are discriminated against in the workplace, who are terminated, demoted or harassed in the workplace, because of their military service, are afforded protection under State and Federal Law. The Mount Laurel employment and civil rights firm of Costello, Mains & Silverman, LLC, honors your service and knows how to protect the integrity of that service in our courts of law when your employers don’t respect the uniform.

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