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How Much Do Employment Lawyers Charge?

What Will My Employment Law Case Cost Me?

In most employment cases, the claim is being made under one or more state or federal “statutes.” Almost all of these statutes provide for a separate attorney fee to be paid to plaintiff’s counsel in the event of a successful result or verdict. This is in addition to any settlement to you or verdict to you from a jury.

Because the defendant is very much aware that our “bill” is a rising cost factor to them in the case in addition to any compensation for you, they always negotiate with this in mind.

Contingent Fees At Costello, Mains & Silverman, LLC

The firm’s fees are of course at all times “contingent,” which means that the firm will not realize any fee at all if we lose the case. The firm takes all the financial risks. This means that the firm invests its time and its costs in your case, and if we lose, then we lost, but at least we tried.

In the event that we successfully resolve your statutory employment claim for discrimination, whistle blowing, wage and hour, etc., the first thing that happens is that the firm’s “costs” are deducted from the “gross settlement” or “gross verdict.” Our costs are the dollars that we invest in your case such as filing fees, motions fees, expert fees, court reporter fees, mileage fees, delivery fees, copying, etc. After the costs have been returned to the firm, in other words, after we’ve been made whole for our “parts,” now we have to look at the big issue, which is our “labor,” that is, our time.

In most statutory fee-shifting matters, the fee is either a percentage of your recovery or the hourly rate invested by the firm up to the point of success, whichever is greater, but never both. It’s this way because in the event that we do carry the case through to verdict and resolve it successfully, the defendant will have to pay our fee in addition to your recovery. That means if we settle the case, the settlement must include a payment of our fees in addition to a payment to you.

In this way, you’re protected, the firm is protected, and the defendant has something that they have to think about throughout the litigation.

Initial Consultations Are Free At Costello, Mains & Silverman, LLC

Call our New Jersey law firm to schedule an appointment with an employment lawyer at Costello, Mains & Silverman, LLC about your case or contact our office online. We can answer any questions about whether you have a case and what you can expect from our attorneys if you allow us to fight for your employment rights.