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New Jersey Gender Discrimination Attorneys

Although women have made inroads in every occupation and closed the pay gap, the workplace remains “a man’s world” in many ways. When men are making the decisions, they will often hire the male instead of the female candidate or relegate female employees to lower-paying jobs and traditional roles.

Gender discrimination is prevalent but patently illegal under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the Equal Pay Act, and several other state and federal laws. The employment law attorneys of Costello, Mains & Silverman, LLC, will pursue all of your claims to hold employers accountable for the tangible harm from sex discrimination.

Our Mount Laurel law firm has represented New Jersey women in all industries and echelons, from local taverns to office towers, in Burlington County, surrounding South Jersey and statewide. Contact us today to explore your legal remedies for gender bias in employment.

Mount Laurel Sex-Based Discrimination Lawyers

Gender discrimination occurs in many forms, some subtle and some outrageous. Employers refuse to hire women for certain jobs on the basis of perceived physical or mental inferiority. Women in management hit the “glass ceiling.” A less qualified co-worker gets the promotion because “he has a family to support” or “your husband has a job so you don’t need to work.”

Sex discrimination often leads to sexual harassment. A boss who calls subordinates “honey” may abuse his authority in other ways. We pursue lawsuits for gender-based discrimination in any facet of employment:

  • Job requirements and postings
  • Hiring decisions
  • Career advancement
  • Pay, commissions and bonuses
  • Company benefits and perks
  • Unwanted advances/hostile environment
  • Job assignments
  • Pregnancy and maternity leave
  • FMLA leave (woman are far more likely to be caregivers)
  • Termination and layoffs

Fighting Gender Bias In Your New Jersey Workplace

Employers will deny any discriminatory intent. You need proof that you were treated differently and that the discrimination has hurt your reputation, reduced your earning power, or caused you psychological or emotional distress. We encourage clients to stay on the job and document everything in order to strengthen their case if and when they file a discrimination suit.

Costello, Mains & Silverman, LLC advocates for female employees of all ages in all types of jobs. We have also represented men in cases of reverse discrimination on the basis of sex. Contact us today for a confidential consultation with our New Jersey gender discrimination lawyers.