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Unemployment Rights

The unemployment benefits landscape in New Jersey has gotten a bit complicated of late. This current gubernatorial administration has seen fit to tinker, rather destructively, with the rights of New Jersey workers under the New Jersey Unemployment compensation structure.

If you have been denied benefits because your job contends that you were fired for “misconduct,” there are different levels of misconduct, and if the hearing examiner finds that the employer has demonstrated sufficient levels of misconduct, you may find yourself either penalized in part, or penalized entirely, from receiving the benefits for which you paid for so long while you worked. It is important that you understand that if the application for unemployment benefits involves a substantial enough amount of money that not having those benefits is going to work a hardship on your family, you should consider hiring a good law firm to assist you with any appeals of denials as a result of your application. The fees are based upon the amount of the work that the firm must perform and we are not right, in all candor, for every appeal. However, if the issue is an important one, and especially if it is linked to other more substantive rights, we can help.

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