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Pregnancy Harassment

Every employee, every student and every citizen of New Jersey is entitled to powerful protections under state and federal laws. But standing up for your rights is intimidating. Will you be believed? Will there be backlash? Will your life be better?

The New Jersey law practice of Costello, Mains & Silverman, LLC, is built on giving working people like you a voice in the legal system. We represent people who have endured sexual harassment, job discrimination, whistleblower retaliation, labor law violations, bullying, civil rights abuses and other mistreatment in the workplace, in school or in the public sphere. Our experienced legal team stands with you to assert your rights and to demand action and justice to right the wrongs.

Fighting For Employee Rights And Civil Rights
Of The People Of New Jersey For Two Decades

Located in Mount Laurel, the law firm of Costello, Mains & Silverman, LLC advocates for clients in South Jersey and statewide. We can help, no matter what the circumstances:

  • Employment discrimination — Were you treated differently in hiring, pay, advancement, duties or discipline on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, transgender status, national origin, disability, military service, pregnancy, family status or other unlawful reason?
  • Workplace harassment — Have you been assaulted, bullied, humiliated or otherwise singled out at work because of your sex, race or color, ethnic origin, religion or creed, sexual identity or orientation, health status, military duties or other protected status?
  • Retaliation and whistleblower law — Were you fired or disciplined for reporting or objecting to illegal activity or safety violations? Did you suffer backlash for reporting harassment or discrimination or bringing a workers’ comp claim?
  • Employment rights — Does your employer owe you overtime pay? Have you been injured on the job? Were you denied personal or family leave? Do you know your rights?
  • School bullying and harassment — Has your son or daughter been bullied at school or through social media based upon sexual orientation, disability or race? Has your child been sexually harassed by a teacher? Has the school discriminated against your child or failed to accommodate his or her special needs?
  • Civil rights and discrimination — Were you subjected to brutality, profiling or false arrest? Did you experience discrimination in public accommodations or contracts?
  • Personal injury and civil litigation — Were you injured by someone’s negligence? Have you suffered physical or economic harm from professional malpractice? Do you need a lawyer for business litigation, a contract dispute or a neighbor dispute?

Certified Trial Attorney · Focused Advocacy In Employment Law,
School Discrimination Law And Civil Rights

Attorney Costello, Mains & Silverman, LLC is Certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a civil trial attorney, a reflection of his courtroom success and of a special examination and vetting process conducted by the Supreme Court of New Jersey. With law members Costello, Mains & Silverman, LLC and Daniel Silverman, as well as a talented and dedicated staff, the law firm of Costello, Mains & Silverman, LLC is not afraid to go to trial against big corporations or government agencies to hold them accountable. We will fight anyone, anywhere, anytime.

You do not have to suffer any longer. But what should you do if you have endured harassment, bullying, discrimination, retaliation, wrongful discharge or other abuse of power?

  • Do not quit.
  • Do not strike back.
  • Document everything.
  • Do not sign anything.
  • Talk to our employment rights and civil rights lawyers.

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