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Mount Laurel Labor Law Attorneys

New Jersey employees are protected from exploitation and unsafe working conditions by a network of state and federal labor laws. Some employers routinely violate these protections — often knowingly — to cut costs or sidestep regulations. Workers who exercise their rights or report violations often experience termination, harassment or other retaliation.

The law firm of Costello, Mains & Silverman, LLC, provides strong legal advocacy in the arena of labor law and employee rights. Serving Burlington County, Camden County and the entire state of New Jersey, we represent individual workers, groups of employees and labor unions in enforcement actions and other legal recourse.

If you have concerns relating to minimum wage or overtime pay, misclassification, fringe benefits or protected leave, employment of minors, a workplace injury or workplace safety, or any aspect of employment and labor standards, reach out to our Mount Laurel labor lawyers for a confidential consultation about your rights and remedies.

Burlington County Employment Rights Lawyers

The fact that New Jersey is an at-will state does not mean employers can ignore your civil rights or the employment and labor laws. Our labor law attorneys, led by partners Costello, Mains & Silverman, LLC and Costello, Mains & Silverman, LLC, are not afraid to hold public or private employers accountable for violations.

We can enforce your rights and pursue your claims or lawsuits relating to:

Your legal recourse depends on the nature of the violation and your circumstances. You may be entitled to significant back pay such as unpaid overtime. The employer may be subject to fines for each violation. You may have a lawsuit for other damages such as front pay, emotional distress and damage to reputation.

We Give Workers A Voice In The Legal System

Many workers do not know their rights, or are too intimidated to assert them. We provide the support to hold employers accountable under New Jersey law or federal labor rules. If you believe an employer has taken advantage of you or denied your rights, contact us today to arrange a confidential consultation with our Mount Laurel labor law attorneys.