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Medication Errors

Mount Laurel Medication Error Attorneys

One of the reasons most commonly cited for needing a nursing home is the inability to maintain a proper medication regimen. When it becomes difficult or impossible to track whether the right amount of medication has been taken at the prescribed time, people begin to consider the need to make a change. After making the difficult choice to enter a nursing home, the least you should be able to expect from the staff at that home is that the right medication will be given on time. That is why medication errors can be so infuriating. The consequences of these errors can be serious or even deadly. They should never happen. If you or a loved one has been injured due to receiving the wrong dose or the wrong medication or to not receiving medication at all, we can help you.

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Negligence In Delivering Medication

A medication error and the injury that results may not be easy to spot. A decline in medical condition is often expected as we age. Even a sudden turn in an older person’s health does not always draw the scrutiny it should. This allows countless medication errors to go unnoticed. It also allows negligence and abuse in nursing homes to go unpunished.

Nursing homes must take proper precautions to ensure that residents are safe and well-cared for. Those precautions include proper training and established protocols for administering medication. When safety standards are not upheld, the consequences to residents of the facility can be tragic. By holding nursing homes responsible for these errors, we can raise the quality of care provided to elderly people throughout the State of New Jersey.

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