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Sexual Assault And Abuse

Helping Victims Of Sexual Abuse Get Justice

Sexual assault and sexual exploitation of children are crimes. Criminal laws exist to punish sexual predators for their actions. A criminal prosecution, however, doesn’t do much for the victims of such acts. While there is vindication in seeing an attacker punished, it is not enough to allow most victims to heal and move on. The law provides another avenue for victims to assert their rights directly.

Civil Lawsuits Against Sexual Abusers

Children and adults who suffer the repercussions of sexual abuse and assault deserve more than sympathy. Recent changes to the law expand the rights of child sexual abuse survivors to bring civil actions against their abusers. That will allow more sexual abuse victims to seek compensation for the harm they have suffered. The changes also may encourage organizations that have shielded abusers to take a stronger position against perpetrators.

Addressing Abuse Of All Kinds

Both children and adults can be targets of sexual predators. Abusers can be family members, teachers, coaches, mentors, friends or strangers. One of the only similarities from one case to another is that sexual abuse puts victims through a terrible ordeal.

Recovering from sexual assault or abuse takes time and support. At Costello, Mains & Silverman, LLC, our New Jersey attorneys protect victims of assault and abuse. We can help you assert your right to seek justice. Whether that means targeting a single abuser or taking on an organization that enabled your abuse, we have the skill and resources to fight for the justice you deserve.

The thought of standing up for your rights may be intimidating. That is why it is so important to have an experienced, trustworthy and able legal team on your side. With two certified civil trial attorneys on our team and decades of experience fighting for our clients, we are the right choice to help you take on your abuser. Contact us online or call us at 866-944-3371 to discuss your situation.