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The Personal Injury Process

Understanding New Jersey Personal Injury Litigation

Misinformation may be more common than information when it comes to the public’s understanding of the legal field. Some misinformation is spread for dramatic effect. Television shows and movies have an interesting take on the law that greatly enhances the dramatic aspects, but often bears little to no resemblance to reality. More dangerous is the misinformation that is spread purposefully by people who are looking to make money by eroding the rights of individuals. Lobbyists spend a stunning amount of money to convince people that the law and lawsuits are a hustle and that people seek enormous damage awards with no merit behind them. So-called “tort reform” and other similar movements are generally funded by insurance companies and large businesses to enhance their already staggering profit margins.

The reality of the personal injury process is quite different. Quite a bit of research and investigation go into crafting a personal injury lawsuit. After meeting with you and discussing your situation, we can advise you on the next steps in your legal matter. If we believe you have a valid claim and that we can help you in pursuing it, we will begin the process of gathering and protecting evidence. We may employ experts to present evidence on your accident or the nature of your injuries. We will review police reports, interview witnesses, take photos and prepare to present your case to a jury.

Resolving New Jersey Personal Injury Suits

While our preparations will be geared toward the potential for a full trial before judge and jury, a trial is not necessarily how your case will be resolved. If we can obtain the compensation you deserve through settlement negotiations, we will do so. Our goal is to get the right result for you through whatever means are available to us. At Costello, Mains & Silverman, LLC, we have extensive trial experience. Our trial lawyers have the resources and knowledge to take on insurance companies and win. We know how to give you the best chance at the outcome you deserve.

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