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March 2019 Archives

What are the labor laws for children in New Jersey

If you have a child who wants to start working or who has been engaging in paid work, you may wonder whether it is legal for them to do so. There are laws in place to limit the amount and the types of work that children can engage in for their own protection.

Common overtime mistakes made by employers

It's not uncommon for employers to make mistakes when it comes to the payment of overtime to employees. More often than not, these mistakes are honest ones that are easily and quickly fixed when brought to the attention of the payroll department. What are some of the more egregious overtime mistakes made by employers?

Does your hair need legal protection?

Do you or someone you love have natural hair or dreadlocks? Many people choose these hairstyles as a cultural or even a religious expression. The U.S. constitution normally upholds these freedoms of expression.

Review this wrongful termination checklist

If you believe that you have been wrongfully terminated from your place of employment in Burlington or anywhere else in New Jersey, you need to review this checklist for wrongful termination. Reviewing the checklist will make it easier to determine if wrongful termination actually took place, so you can move forward with speaking to your attorney.

Situations where requiring English is not discrimination

Employers all throughout New Jersey know and understand that they cannot discriminate against their employees for various reasons. One of those reasons is language. Employers cannot discriminate against employees because they have an accent or because they speak a language other than English. But, there are situations where employers can require their employees to speak English on the job and it is not considered discrimination.

New Jersey marijuana bill addresses employees' rights

It appears that New Jersey will soon be among the states where marijuana is legal for recreational use. Democratic leaders in the New Jersey Senate and Gov. Phil Murphy reached an agreement on a revised draft of the bill this week. It's scheduled to be voted on in committee next week and to be considered by both houses on March 25.

How to reject a co-worker who asks for a date

Many people meet their significant other at their place of employment, but that doesn't necessarily mean you want to date everyone (or anyone) you work with. Unfortunately, there could come a time when you're put in the difficult spot of rejecting a co-worker who asks for a date.

Looking at New Jersey's new minimum wage laws

Workers and employers are rarely aligned when it comes to wages. Minimum wage laws are one of the tools used by workers' rights advocates to protect vulnerable citizens from exploitation. The laws don't always keep up with the reality of day-to-day life, however. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy recently signed legislation to help move the minimum wage back to the levels it was intended, when it comes to buying power. At the moment, the minimum wage is $8.85 per hour.

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