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April 2014 Archives

Navy officer accused of allowing pornography sharing in workplace

A sexual harassment complaint has been brought against a commanding officer with the United States Navy's Blue Angels, the precision flying team that performs at highly publicized events each year. The commanding officer has been removed from his duties and reassigned, pending an investigation into allegations that he allowed sexually inappropriate behavior in the workplace between 2008 and 2012.

New Jersey Employment and Civil Rights Attorney Discusses Discipline of Student Who Tweeted Vulgar Insults About Principal

A student, H.W., has sued the Sterling High School for discipline involving a "banishment" from the prom, senior trip and commencement. The punishment came as a result of a "tweet" calling the high school principal a "pussy ass bitch." H.W. asserts that she has "oppositional defiant disorder" (ODD), and that this conduct by her was a consequence of that disorder (somewhat similar to an outburst linked to tourettes syndrome). Moreover, and notwithstanding the argument about disability, the student also claims that she has a constitutional right to tweet what she would about the principal.

What constitutes as sexual harassment and how victims can fight back

Many New Jersey residents can likely recall a situation or incident at work that left them feeling uneasy. From an off-color joke about women told by a co-worker to physical advances made by a supervisor, employees of all ages and in all professions can be victims of sexual harassment in the workplace.

New Jersey Employment and Civil Rights Attorney Discusses Decision by Judge Yolanda Ciccone Which Allows School to Sue Students Who Harassed Victim in Victim's School Bullying Suit."

New Jersey passed, a few years back, a comprehensive "anti-bullying" law which addresses, in broad fashion, incidents of "harassment, intimidation or abuse" in schools. The law required schools to hire and train professional "bullying" specialists, to maintain specific records (to be sent to the state periodically) regarding "HIB" incidents, and established other standards pertinent to both preventing and responding to incidents of bullying.

Employee of 25 years to sue FOX for wrongful termination

An employer's ability to discharge employees for various reasons differs by state and industry. If you understand your rights as an employee in New Jersey, then you can review details of your particular situation before deciding on legal action. In many cases, the employer is wrong in firing someone, which means the former employee can seek compensation or remediation.

New Jersey Employment and Civil Rights Attorney Discusses...

A mother of a murdered son, the daughter of a murdered father, had to stand before a congregation and thank them for their support. The son, Reat Underwood, was a high school freshman, 14. Also murdered was Teresa Lamanno. These people were killed on April 14th by Frazier Glenn Cross. Mr. Cross is a 73 year-old former KKK leader and general white supremacist piece of human filth.

Gender wage gap at center of political debate

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill agree that the wage gap between the average salary paid to men and the average salary paid to women for the same work still exists. Like many political debates, that is where the agreement seems to end. Exactly how large that gap is and how the problem should be addressed are two issues that are currently the topic of discussion.

How does medical marijuana law fit in with employee rights?

When New Jersey’s Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act was passed into law, it included very strict guidelines for eligibility. In fact, this past year there were only 1,670 people statewide that were registered under the program. Legislators likely thought about possible abuse of the system and the public health ramifications.

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