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Employee of 25 years to sue FOX for wrongful termination

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2014 | Wrongful Termination |

An employer’s ability to discharge employees for various reasons differs by state and industry. If you understand your rights as an employee in New Jersey, then you can review details of your particular situation before deciding on legal action. In many cases, the employer is wrong in firing someone, which means the former employee can seek compensation or remediation.

After 25 years of employment with FOX, a woman was fired after using her business email for fundraising purposes. According to her husband, who is a producer, she plans to file a suit against the company for wrongful termination. Meanwhile, she intends to continue fundraising efforts through a crowdfunding site.

The fundraising in question relates to lost Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. Reportedly, during a hospital stay, the woman’s husband experienced visions while medicated, and in the visions he believed he was with passengers of the missing plane.

The husband’s experience inspired the couple to find a way to help the families and loved ones of those lost. The woman, who was a vice president in one of FOX’s divisions, used her company email to begin coordination efforts. According to her, individuals who accepted the fundraising money would be required to sign a document waiving their right to seek legal compensation.

The woman said she wanted to provide immediate relief for families. She also said that she felt it would be unfair for someone to accept private relief funds and then continue seeking legal compensation.

According to a FOX spokesperson, the former executive’s actions violated the company’s policy. The spokesperson refused further comment, citing privacy concerns.

Understanding legal options, company policies and how policies compare with local, state and federal laws can help in developing a wrongful termination suit. Individuals considering a lawsuit against their employers should pay close attention to documentation, keeping copies of all correspondence and operating procedures that may apply to the case.

Readers in New Jersey may want to follow up on this particular story as it progresses.

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