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Employee Rights Archives

New law offers protections for transgender students, employees

Governor Christie has passed a new law aimed at creating protections for transgender individuals attending New Jersey schools. While the bill does have its fair share of detractors, it is an important step forward in recognizing transgender rights and moving the state's academic and professional communities toward more inclusive support of individual rights.

B&H faces employee protests over warehouse relocation

A New York organization has partnered with employees of B&H Photo to protest an upcoming move that may mean hundreds of employees losing their jobs. Not only does B&H have a history of complaints about worker treatment, the planned move of some warehouses from New York to New Jersey may violate labor laws.

Can I expect any privacy at work?

When you work for an employer, there is often confusion about exactly how much privacy you can expect while at your job. Most commonly, employees face issues of privacy involving their communications with others and their employee's right to monitor those communications. Although your employer does retain broad rights to monitor your communication, these rights do have limits. Unfortunately, many employers do not recognize or abide by these limits.

New Jersey Wage and Hour Attorney Discusses The Working Families Flexibility Act of 2017

Don't be fooled by the so-called Working Families Flexibility Act of 2017, which by the way is only the latest GOP effort to have this or a very similar bill enacted. Similar bills were introduced and failed in 2012, 2013 and 2015. The GOP wants to fool you by claiming that this bill would help working families and allow them the "flexibility" to "earn" compensatory time that can be used later to accommodate family issues such as sick children (which is why we have the FMLA) or other needs.

Do I still have rights as an employee?

As an employee, it is sometimes easy to forget that you have certain rights under the law. It seems like every other day another news story rolls out about businesses stripping away another layer of our rights, or of new federal de-regulation giving employers more power than ever.

Can I be fired for leaving my job to serve in the military?

The choice to serve our country is a great sacrifice, and should be met with great dignity and respect. Sadly, those who make the sacrifice to put their lives on hold and serve their country often face many difficulties returning to their regular lives, especially those who have established employment. The good news is that service members, especially Guard and Reserve members, have some special protections and rights to re-employment when there service takes them away from a job.

What is reasonable accommodation?

Individuals who suffer from disabilities are fortunate to be protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act, which offers a range of requirements employers must abide by. Not only does the ADA restrict an employer from discriminating against an employee with a disability, it also requires an employee to make "reasonable accommodations" to allow disabled employees to fully or near-fully participate in everyday activities.

What are my rights when I am fired?

Being an employee in the United States entitles you to certain rights, even after you have been terminated from a position. Despite the fact that most jobs throughout the country fall under the category of "at-will," there are still some elements of employment that an employee can expect, depending on the circumstances under which he or she was terminated.

New Jersey whistleblower protections

One of the most difficult experiences to navigate as an employee is how to respond when you become aware of illegal activity taking place within your company. New Jersey employees who choose to come forward and report offenses to the proper investigative agencies are offered several protections as part of the state's Conscientious Employee Protection Act. An understanding of these statutes can help an employee plan his or her next move if such an action is needed.

Federal judge rules against New Jersey employee's rights

A decision handed down by a federal judge has diminished employee rights in New Jersey, or rather clarified what is and is not a right. A case that has drawn on for nearly three years has come to a close in a resolution that is sure to leave many with mixed feelings. The dispute originated three years ago in December of 2013 when a school teacher displayed pictures of her relatives dressed up in blackface to her students. The display involved Dutch holiday customs, which the teacher's relatives were observing.

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