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Employee Rights Archives

Taking a look at the Employee Income Retirement Security Act

The Employee Income Retirement Security Act, also known as ERISA, was passed into law in 1974. This piece of legislation governs the minimum standards required for pension and health plans that operate in the private sector. The law protects the individual members of these voluntary plans that choose to enter into them when employed.

Keep your own records in an employment dispute

If you believe that your employer is treating you unfairly, or if you face unacceptable behavior from someone in your workplace, you may have grounds to seek legal action to resolve the matter. Under the law, employees enjoy protections from unfair or discriminatory behavior, but the process of addressing these issues in the workplace is often surprisingly complex to resolve.

Be careful when waiving your age discrimination rights

As America's workforce ages and the business landscape continues to shift, older workers often find themselves increasingly left out of the workforce and struggling to remain effective. To ensure that older employees do not receive unfair treatment without recourse, the law protects against age discrimination in the workplace though the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA). Under the ADEA, aging employees have protections they may or may not choose to waive.

New law expands New Jersey employee rights

A new law passed by outgoing governor Chris Christie offers some expanded protections for employees' intellectual property, granting those who create intellectual property on their own time more tools to protect it. Under the new law, employees who create something on their own time without using employer resources may retain the sole right to use and own that creation.

Are undocumented workers guaranteed overtime pay?

Undocumented workers face numerous setbacks when it comes to protecting their rights and receiving fair treatment. In addition to the complex attitudes surrounding immigrations and undocumented workers in New Jersey and throughout the country, undocumented workers often face language barriers and other setbacks like the fear of deportation that make it much more difficult to defend their rights as employees.

New law protects mothers' rights in the workplace

The push to increase protections for women in the workplace scored a significant win at the turn of the new year here in New Jersey, as exiting governor Chris Christie approved a law mandating that women who choose to breastfeed while at work receive proper protection from discrimination.

How to respond to a violation of your rights in the workplace

When you believe that your employer violates your rights, you have a responsibility to carefully consider your response. Not only do you want to make sure that you keep your rights and privileges protected from potential retaliatory behavior by your employer, you also should consider how your response may affect others in your workplace. Creating workplaces that respect the rights of workers can only happen if those who experience injustice stand up against it.

State senate considers bill protecting employees' rights

After a year that brought with it so many setbacks for working people across the country, a bright spot of good news emerged recently in the New Jersey State Senate. The senate recently introduced a bill protecting employees' rights to sue employers and third parties on grounds of discrimination.

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