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How to properly handle losing your job

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2019 | Blog, Uncategorized |

Losing your job will impact your life in many ways. From your professional goals to your financial situation, you can expect things to change in the days, weeks and months to come.

While it’s important to turn your immediate attention to finding a new job, there are some other things you must also take care of. Here are five tips to properly handle losing your job:

  • Find out why: It’s one thing to lose your job, but another thing entirely to be the victim of wrongful termination. Dig around to better understand why your employment is being terminated.
  • Collect final compensation: It’s critical to understand how much money you’re owed before moving on. Read your employee handbook to better understand if you’re in line to receive compensation for unused vacation days, sick days and personal days.
  • File for unemployment: If you’re immediately starting a new job, you may not have to take this step. However, if you will be out of work for any period of time, file for unemployment. It won’t completely replace your salary, but it will at least help you financially for the time being.
  • Review your budget: This is a good time to review your budget and cut unnecessary expenses. It’s not something you want to do, but it will help you get by financially until you land another position.
  • Start your job search: As you’re reviewing what went wrong with your former employer, turn your attention to your job search. Even if you’re highly qualified, it’s not always easy to land a new job. The sooner you get started, the better chance you have of securing a job in the near future.

If you come to find that you are the victim of wrongful termination, there are other steps you need to take. For instance, collect evidence to back up your claim. This can be as simple as an email from a supervisor showing that you were wrongfully terminated.

Don’t let your ex-employer push you around. If you feel you have a wrongful termination case, don’t hesitate to take the necessary action to protect your legal rights in New Jersey.

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