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Importance of documenting sexual harassment at work

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2019 | Sexual Harassment |

If you are ever the victim of sexual harassment at work, you need to document every single occurrence. Why? Having documentation, or a log, of all the times you were harassed can help build a case against the offender. Today, we will explain the importance of documenting sexual harassment at work and provide some tips for doing so.

Why is documenting sexual harassment important? The answer is simple: Whether you are the victim, or you witnessed someone else become the victim, a detailed log of what happened makes it easier when filing a complaint with your employer about the accused. The issue cannot be ignored when you walk into a supervisor’s office with a list of incident dates, descriptions and even digital communication.

When you document what happened, be sure to write down the offender’s name, where it happened at work, when it happened and what was said or the actions that were made toward you or the other person. Where it happened is very important because there might be cameras located in that area of the workplace.

As you write down who was involved, include names of other employees who either witnessed the incident or might have heard what was said. Providing a potential list of witnesses makes it easier for the human resources department to schedule interviews when they conduct their investigation.

Have you been sexually harassed on the job? If so, it is important that you document every occurrence immediately after so that it is still fresh in your mind. You should then file a complaint with your supervisor or the human resources department against the employee(s) for their conduct.