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How will your wrongful termination settlement be handled?

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2019 | Blog, Uncategorized |

Being fired or let go wrongfully is not a good feeling for anyone. Fortunately, you have options. If you were wrongfully terminated, you can seek compensation from your employers and receive damages for your trouble.

Also fortunately, many wrongful termination cases are settled out of court. Employers often favor a settlement, which means you can receive damages without facing a stressful court battle.

But how does this process work? How will you receive compensation and for what?

How much can you receive?

There are a few different components that factor into a wrongful termination settlement. This means your compensation is determined based on multiple parts. Value is determined by how much loss you suffered. This is measured in terms of:

  • Lost wages – can include future wage loss
  • Lost benefits – can include stock options, health insurance, etc.
  • Emotional distress – can include mental anguish including mental health issues such as anxiety or other emotional suffering

Each of these is valued and factored into your claim. You can recover compensation based on your loss involving all of these components, among others.

What should you do next?

Now, you may be wondering what happens next. After your settlement is finalized, you may be wondering what the next steps are. Recovering from a lost job can be difficult, but it is more than possible.

After you recover compensation, you may want find out if you can continue your health care and prepare your resume to seek new employment. Though being wrongfully terminated is distressing, it is more than possible to bounce back from it.