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November 2016 Archives

Federal judge rules against New Jersey employee's rights

A decision handed down by a federal judge has diminished employee rights in New Jersey, or rather clarified what is and is not a right. A case that has drawn on for nearly three years has come to a close in a resolution that is sure to leave many with mixed feelings. The dispute originated three years ago in December of 2013 when a school teacher displayed pictures of her relatives dressed up in blackface to her students. The display involved Dutch holiday customs, which the teacher's relatives were observing.

New Jersey police officer faces sexual assault charges

Sexual assault charges are some of the most personal and difficult claims to bring against another person. "I was assaulted, and that person is responsible," is difficult, no matter who you are, and that conflict can be even greater if the person who is responsible is an authority figure. Make no mistake, sexual assault should never be swept under the rug, no matter who the perpetrator happens to be. Illustrating this point is a New Jersey police officer who is currently facing sexual assault charges.

School bullying incidents reported nationwide

Reports of bullying in schools, particularly race-based bullying and harassment of LGBTQ students, are widespread in the wake of the recent Presidential election. While there is merit to discussing why these incidents are occurring, it is important not to lose focus on how to protect the victims and put a stop to the behavior. 

Woman alleges racially motivated termination against union

Many of us would prefer to believe that discrimination in the workplace is a thing of the past, especially discrimination on such blatant grounds as race. Unfortunately, this dinosaur from a different era continues to find its way into our workplaces with frustrating frequency, no matter how out of place it may seem. Whenever there is an experience of racial discrimination, it should always be reported, but that is not always enough. Sometimes it is also necessary for the sake of justice and peace of mind to enlist the representation of a qualified attorney who is experienced in bringing down these workplace dinosaurs.

New Jersey workers eagerly awaiting predictive scheduling law

Employees rights advocates and workers across many sectors, mostly in service industry jobs, are closely following both federal and state legislation that would be a huge win for some of the country's most put-upon labor forces. If predictive scheduling measures are passed, employees will be required by law to treat employees with greater care in several industries with volatile work schedules.

The upside of pursuing an employment law case

The CEO of Wells Fargo recently promised to rehire any of the workers it fired under an aggressive, even abusive, sales structure. Whether some or all of those workers will want their jobs back is an interesting question. If you have been the victim of wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination or other employment law violations, the relief you seek really depends on your goals.

Proposed wage law faces uncertain future on governor's desk

Wage laws are front and center once again for New Jersey, with another equal pay bill making its way to Governor Chris Christie's desk. It is yet to be seen if it will survive the veto that has killed similar bills that have previously made this journey. In the nearly six years since Christie took office in 2010, the Democratically-controlled legislature has produced three similar bills that have all met with a veto, although there is some momentum for this particular bill that may entail an override vote.

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