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December 2015 Archives

Employment Discrimination And Criminal Record

Employers are forbidden by state and federal laws to engage in a number of abusive or discriminatory behaviors. They cannot, for example, refuse to hire you or bully, abuse or intimidate you based on your race, gender, ethnicity, nation of origin, general identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability or age. Employers generally must comply with rules about minimum wage, overtime pay, family and medical leave and more. Unfortunately, that does not mean that employers must conduct themselves in a reasonable or caring manner. There are any number of common practices among employers that fly in the face of decency and logic. Among those are hiring practices that can turn a criminal record into a lifetime of poverty and dependency.

Government Policy Still Discriminates Against Gay Men

The Food and Drug Administration has long maintained the policy that gay men are not allowed to donate blood. The policy is insulting, degrading and unscientific. The FDA has finally agreed to change this decades-old policy. Unfortunately, the new policy does little more than slightly change the flavor of the discrimination. The FDA will now accept blood donations from gay men, as long as they have not had sexual contact with another man for at least a year. The policy matches those maintained by Australia, New Zealand and the U.K. It does not, however, match with the ideals of a nation that does not, or should not, discriminate against people based on sexual orientation.

Human Drivers: Vital Component Or Safety Flaw?

Car crashes take an unbelievable toll on humanity. In the U.S., a good safety year still sees more than 30,000 people killed in motor vehicle accidents. Worldwide, the number is closer to one million. One million people die in traffic accidents each year and the vast majority of those accidents are caused by human error. While it is far from clear that any of the driverless cars being tested by Google and other companies could do better, it is clear that humans leave something to be desired when it comes to safe driving. A new proposal from the California Department of Motor Vehicles could seriously delay the effort to see if driverless cars could improve the situation.

Alcoholism Is A Protected Disability And Employers Must Accommodate It

Recently University of Southern California head football coach Steve Sarkisian filed a lawsuit against the university alleging that he had been wrongfully terminated because of his disability, alcoholism. This raises the interesting question as to whether alcoholism is a protected status and what obligations employers have towards alcoholic employees.

The Changing Face Of Bullying

For decades, school bullying was largely ignored. The issue was often considered just part of growing up. Even in situations where the bullying was obvious and easily identified, the penalties were often nonexistent. Kids were left to fend for themselves. Just recently, the nation seems to have turned a corner. The issue of bullying has drawn more attention in the past few years than it has for decades. Unfortunately, just as efforts to combat bullying have grown, the tools of bullying have diversified and grown more difficult to control. While parents were often the last to know of bullying either by or against their children, a relatively new cell phone app is making it even harder for parents to keep up.

New Jersey Civil Rights Trial Lawyer Discusses Muslins, ISIS, and the San Bernardino, California Massacre

Well, it didn't take long, did it? Right when we're still in mourning for Paris, on Wednesday the 2nd of December, another December day that will "live in infamy," two animals claiming to be religious soldiers killed 14 innocent people and wounded 21 others. Syed Rizwan Farook was born here. His wife, Tashfeen Malik, was born in Pakistan and was here legally.

Car Accidents And Aging

The youngest drivers are responsible for the most car crashes per mile driven. Accident rates drop steadily as drivers age, reaching a low point for drivers in their 60s. In fact, drivers between the ages of 20 and 24 suffer roughly four times as many crashes as drivers between 60 and 69. At age 70, the numbers take a sharp turn for the worse. Given the age demographics of the United States, the rise in accidents caused by drivers over a certain age has serious implications for road safety.

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