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June 2015 Archives

Understanding The Impact Of Cyberbullying

Movies and media reports tend to favor dramatic events over real problems. Everything must be depicted at the extreme ends of possibility (usually far beyond) to keep the audience's attention. It's not enough for the movies that global warming will cause draughts and heat waves, leaving millions struggling for access to adequate clean water. Global warming needs to be a dramatic, instantaneous world-killer. When it comes to cyberbullying, it is not enough that teenagers suffer depression, see their grades suffer, turn to drugs or alcohol, and experience long-term mental health issues when they are made victims of online bullying. Depictions of cyberbullying must result in suicide or murder to gain the public's attention.

New Jersey Medical Malpractice, Product Liability and Pharmaceutical Drug Lawyer Discusses How Big Pharmaceuticals Prey on Your Fears

In some recent Blogs, I've ranted and railed against the collusion between Big Pharma and the FDA, about how Big Pharm preys on peoples' fears, and how aggressively they market their products.

The Cause Of Accidents And Self-Driving Cars

The potential and promise of vehicles that drive themselves is hard to dispute. Autonomous cars and trucks are being tested and perfected as we speak. The investment made in this technology makes it likely that at least some form of it will be available to consumers sooner, rather than later. The testing, however, has not been without its problems. Accidents involving Google's self-driving cars have been reported and have received significant attention. A closer look at these accidents is in order.

New Jersey Drug Liability and Product Liability Consumer Protection Attorney Discusses the FDA Hiding Information about the Safety of Drugs

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is supposed to protect the American public. It's supposed to stand between the public and purveyors of cures, medical devices, techniques, procedures and drugs, making sure that these techniques have been properly vetted and are safe before they're used on a defenseless American public.

New Jersey Medical Malpractice Attorney Discusses Medical Malpractice Caps and Vulnerable Victims

I've always said that damages caps don't work. In every State in which medical malpractice "damages caps" have been tried, they've failed to resolve the fictional "medical malpractice insurance crisis." Obviously, you can't fix something that doesn't exist. The crisis has been fomented by greedy medical malpractice insurance companies that see a way to exploit Americans' fears of not having "adequate medical care" by blaming the victims and their attorneys rather than the bad doctors, nurses and hospitals that deserve the focus.

Tougher Restrictions Could Reduce Teen Driving Accidents

Graduated Driver License laws have definitely had an impact on the number of teen fatalities caused by traffic accidents. That impact is not enough, according to the chief strategist for the National Safety Council. In a recent speech, he called for new restrictions and requirements designed to help keep teen drivers safe.

Bullying And Its Consequences

Kids will be kids. That idea has been the extent of the response to reports of bullying for many years. Recent efforts to address bullying on a broader scale have been frustrated by an entrenched idea that bullying is an acceptable or even necessary component of growing up. The truth is that bullying can have traumatic, long-lasting consequences. It should be addressed quickly and thoroughly by parents, teachers and administrators in school settings. Bullying is never acceptable. It is certainly not a training device to help children grow up. A recent study analyzed the connection between bullying in adolescent years and depression later in life. The findings support greater efforts in combating the problem early.

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