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Month: March 2015

On The Lookout For Drowsy Drivers

Have you ever seen a car wandering out of its lane and wondered just what the driver was doing? It's not hard to find drivers who are having trouble keeping their vehicles in one lane. The culprit may be alcohol, a cell phone call or text, the difficulty getting...

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Stay Safe On St. Patrick’s Day

Do you have big plans for March 17 this year? Are you planning on hitting the bars or going to a party? Do you plan to drink green beer or maybe something stronger? While St. Patrick's Day does not have to involve alcohol, in the United States the holiday is often...

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Why Is The NHTSA So Ineffective?

Why Is The NHTSA So Ineffective?The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has responded to criticism with claims that it is not adequately funded to perform its role in overseeing the auto industry. It is hard to argue that the NHTSA can be effective when the...

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