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December 2013 Archives

New Year, new minimum wage in New Jersey

New Jersey is one of the 13 states that are set to increase the minimum wage with the ringing in of 2014, as reported by the National Employment Law Project. Washington D.C. lawmakers and those in another 11 states said that raising the minimum wage would at least be a topic of consideration in the upcoming 12 months.

Study: journalism often a difficult career for many women

When the television is turned on early in the morning or after work, the viewer will often catch a little bit of the news. The viewer will sit on the couch as the anchor tells them about what is happening locally, across the nation and around the world. And, of course, these anchors and on-site journalists do it with a smile.

A-3837: equalizing numbers for applicants with criminal record

Have you ever been denied a job due to a background check that didn’t clear? Some employers are very particular when it comes to hiring an individual with a criminal record. As it stands, there isn’t a lot that an individual in New Jersey can do to avoid discrimination during the hiring process based on criminal history.

Taco Truck worker's life: eat, sleep, overworked but underpaid

For one New Jersey worker, tacos were his life…literally. The male worker was employed as a driver, cook and cashier in a Taco Truck mobile facility. The man was paid a salary that averaged out to approximately $615 per week. To earn that $615, the man said that he worked around 70 to 80 hours over six days per week. Sometimes, his schedule forced him to sleep in the truck.

New Jersey Employment and Civil Rights Lawyer Discusses the Constitutionality of New Jersey's Ban on "Gay-Conversion" Therapy

Sometime ago, I blogged in support of the Bill which sought to ban "Gay-Conversion" Therapy in New Jersey. I discussed the fact that such "therapy" is not true "therapy." True therapy is a medicinal modality. True medicinal modalities must be predicated upon science, not superstition or folklore; certainly not upon fear and hatred borne of biblically-inspired fears and biases.

'My baby has to eat' said mom forced to nurse in inferior room

Our Evesham Employment Law Blog recently covered an important legislative change included in the Affordable Care Act affecting employment rights in a post titled “FLSA now defines clear employment rights for nursing moms.” The legislative change amended the Fair Labor Standards Act to define the requirement that employers provide new moms with both the time and a clean, private space to nurse.

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