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Employment and Civil Rights Attorney Applauds Appointment of First Openly Gay Supreme Court Justice in New Jersey Bruce Harris

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2012 | Blog, Uncategorized |

I’ve been blogging a lot lately because it feels like a lot has been happening.

I’m not a GLBT person but you can see my other blog entries where I discuss how important it is that we bring justice to all minorities, including sexual minorities. I have no time for religious and political bigots who think that GLBT people are still the only minority whom it’s “okay,” politically, to openly hate, berate and deny due to “accepted cultural” (read: religious) tradition.

By all accounts, beginning with the Kinsey studies in the mid 20th century, we’ve known as a people that a substantial percentage of our population is “GLBT” (gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender). Of course, we really didn’t need those surveys. The entire recorded history of mankind, and the several million years of unrecorded history, provide ample, historical and anthropological evidence that homosexuality is not a choice but a product of natural selection and the “chaos theory” that attends mammalian genetics. There are gay animals, have always been gay animals, and always will be, and humans are one of the animals that sometimes end up producing gay individuals.

It’s perfectly natural, perfectly “normal,” and it is about damn time that our highest and best institutions begin to reflect the diverse reality of life in New Jersey.

I hope I don’t have cause to criticize Justice Harris for being too conservative on all the issues that are important to us, and believe me, it won’t matter to me at all that he’s gay if I decide that he’s rendered a decision which in my view undermines employment, civil and individual rights. For now, however, I can be proud of our state and I think everyone who lives here that is reading this blog should be, too. It takes courage to make that appointment, and I have to congratulate our governor for exhibiting that courage, even if perhaps it’s a calculated exhibition of courage to appeal to a certain segment of the voters in 2016…maybe. Either way, good for us, good for Justice Harris, and good for the people of New Jersey.

Good for progress and good for justice.