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October 2011 Archives

New Jersey Civil Rights Attorney Opposes Christie's Remarks About Judge Feinberg

If You Can't Say Something Nice... I'm a big boy now. I understand that politics is a dirty business no matter whom you happen to support. I get that our governor has his fans, fans who will excuse anything he does because, having drank the kool-aid, there's nothing he could do that isn't "necessary." This is an extreme view. I'm hoping that even those extremists might have a place in their view for reason. Take a deep breath and consider: Governor Christie has made some...

New Jersey Harassment Lawyer Discusses Gay Bashing Statements by Public School Teacher

Shocking Gay Bashing Statements by New Jersey Public School Teacher Frankly, the title really doesn't convey just how unbelievable - and yet sadly believable - this breaking story seems to be. From what we can glean, and as reported in the October 13, 2011 Star Ledger, Union Township school officials are now "investigating" homophobic gay bashing in certain Facebook postings by a public school teacher at Union High School. The comments seem to be in response to the fact that...

The Occupation of New York City - What it Means to You

I had an opportunity to watch the news regarding the protest movement called "The Occupation of New York City. "I also had an opportunity to review "the declaration" document of the group that sponsored the protest, the "Direct Democracy Occupation Group." As I watched the coverage, and as I read the declaration, I recalled my younger years first as a high school student, then as a college student, as a law student, as a young... 

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