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February 2011 Archives

The 'Nullification' Amendment and the Destruction of America

When the very brilliant and prescient framers of the Constitution wrote the document which was the first of its kind in the world and which has withstood the test of time and political tidal action to form the bedrock of the American way of life, they created a balance of powers as between the Federal entity America was, on the one hand, and the states, each an entity unto itself, on the other.

Honorable Republican Against Tort Reform

Some of you may know the name Fred Thompson, the actor turned Republican senator from the state of Tennessee.  I've never known too much about his personal politics, because I've never made it my business to know much about Tennessee and, admittedly, as a Progressive, I tend to make assumptions about Republicans which, I suppose (infrequently), I place upon them the burden to disprove.  Fred Thompson, at least in the area of 'tort reform,' which thinking lawyers call 'tort de-form,' seems to have said the right things and has actually taken what I consider to be a principled stance against the misinformation and scare tactics to which the right and its allies are so frequently prone to resort.

Don't Change the Consumer Fraud Act

The partnership at Costello & Mains, committed civil rights attorneys for two decades, announce their strong opposition to assembly bill A-3333, which would severely damage, in the firm's view, the protections afforded by the Consumer Fraud Act. Partner Kevin Costello also sees this bill as an attack on private rights of citizens, rights which have been specially protected and given social value in New Jersey for many decades.

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