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Photo of the attorneys of Costello and Mains, LLC
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Month: November 2007

The McDonalds Myth

Ever hear someone rant and rave about the "McDonald's Coffee Case?" About how "that's what wrong with our Court Systems," and other ignorant nonsense? They're wrong. They're spouting - and repeating - MYTHS. Here are the FACTS... MYTH #1: "The Coffee wasn't that...

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Caps On Damages Dont Work

"Caps on Damages Don't Work" This excellent editorial appeared on on Oct 17 2007:" Darrie Eason is a penetrating example of what's wrong with proposals to cap damages for pain and suffering in medical malpractice cases. The high cost of malpractice...

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The Road So Far

Welcome to my first blog entry. This feels strange, I have to admit. Even given as much writing as I've done professionally and in expression of my personal muses, I have to admit that the idea of authoring a blog still seems odd to me. In time, I'll get used to the...

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