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Discrimination In Public Places

The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination, called one of the most comprehensive civil rights statutes in the United States, prohibits discrimination in workplaces, in contractual relationships, in housing and in schools. It also prohibits discrimination in places of “public accommodation.” Places of public accommodation are those places that are essentially open to the public. They can be physical stores, but they can also be professionals rendering service such as physicians, or even public servants interacting with you on the move such as police officers.

New Jersey case law has held that the New Jersey LAD’s prohibition against discrimination in places of public accommodation, for example, extends to police officers investigating a crime, to stores selling products, and to professionals rendering services from their own offices.

When you are discriminated against, that means being treated differently or being refused service because of race, gender, sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation, perceived sexual orientation, disability, perceived disability, religion or creed, gender identity, gender expression, military status, familial status, or cellular or blood trait, the person undertaking that discrimination is violating the New Jersey LAD and may be liable for compensatory and punitive damages, as well as equitable remedies and attorneys’ fees. Bigotry in any form and in any way is a stain on the national honor and a stain on the progressive and open-minded state we all love.

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