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Referral Attorneys’ Corner

If you’re considering a referral to the firm, here’s what you need to know:

  • As of 2019, over 900 of your NJ and out of state colleagues make referrals to the firm on a regular basis.
  • The firm has returned over $2,000,000 in referral fees over the last five years.
  • The firm will consider your referral to be YOUR CLIENT and will not attempt to solicit or accept other business in other matters from that client without notifying you, so that you can do the work yourself. If you have us do the work, it will generate further referral fees for you!
  • The firm returns every call, to every client you refer, and every matter is given thorough consideration even when it isn’t accepted.
  • The firm maintains a triple redundant system to make certain that we notate the source of a referral and protect your referral fee.
  • The firm NEVER “forgets” to send a referral fee and NEVER refuses to pay a referral fee.
  • The firm pays one third referral on all civil contingent matters such as personal injury and employment, pays one quarter for referrals of personal injury matters where the base fee is 25% by rule (such as for minors), and pays a reasonable referral fee on all hourly or flat fee matters in which referral fees are not prohibited by rule or law.