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$165,000 Settlement Sexual Harassment Matter

Plaintiff was continually sexually harassed by a direct supervisor. Plaintiff was eventually terminated from employment due to the fact that she refused to engage in the sexual conduct the supervisor was demanding she perform.

$185,000 Settlement for Unlawful Discharge Matter Based on Age and Gender

Plaintiff was a female who was discharged from her place of employment based on the fact that her employer wanted an all younger male team.

$165,000 Judgment for Sexual Harassment and Retaliatory Discharge Matter

Plaintiff was continually sexual harassment by a member of upper management. When plaintiff alerted her superior of the sexual harassment, plaintiff was eventually terminated.

$100,000 Judgment for Disability Discrimination and Perception of Disability Matter

Plaintiff was working in an environment where conditions were affecting a medical condition. When plaintiff tried to protect his health by wearing protective clothing, plaintiff was terminated.

$925,000 Settlement For Victim of Housing Negligence

Client was assaulted as a result of improper failure to install and maintain an apartment door in accord with state law.

$120,000 Settlement for Racial Discrimination

Plaintiff complained about racial harassment to her employer on multiple occasions and yet no action was taken to stop the harassment. Plaintiff was even retaliated against due to complaining about the harassment. Plaintiff was eventually terminated.

$450,000 Settlement for Multiple Plaintiffs in a Sexual Harassment Matter

Plaintiffs were continually sexually harassed by their supervisor. Even though complaints were made with regards to the supervisor's harassing behavior, the harassment continued.

$430,000 Settlement for Legal Malpractice in Sex Abuse Case

Plaintiff was sexually abused and retained counsel, who in turn failed to pursue the matter properly. The firm resolved the matter against that counsel.

VERDICT: Jersey City Police Held Accountable for Harassment of Transgender Man While in Custody

On May 3, 2018 a verdict was entered in favor of our client, Holmes, a transgender person arrested by the police who was verbally harassed because they are transgender. Our client, the Plaintiff in the case, challenged that conduct in the Superior Court of New Jersey in front of a jury and prevailed.

As far as we know, we are not aware of any other cases with the same or similar facts that have been successfully tried against a police department in New Jersey. The case was originally dismissed by the Superior Court, and then reinstated by the Appellate Court.

The truth was heard, we prevailed and as far as we know, history has been made.

$225,000 Settlement for Racial and Ancestral Harassment Matter

Plaintiff was continually subjected to racial and ancestral comments based upon being Asian. The harassment was engaged in by members of upper management, therefore making such actions, such as spray painting the word "gook" in a parking space, egregious.

$200,000 Settlement for Racial Harassment Matter

Plaintiff was a black male who was harassed by members of upper management, being called racially egregious words and being delegated work that involved physical labor and inhaling fumes, while the white employee was delegated sedentary tasks. Plaintiff was eventually terminated for defending other employees who reported the same misconduct.

100,000 Settlement for Conscientious Employee Protection Act (CEPA) Matter

Plaintiff refused to engage in illegal activity and was then terminated for insubordination.

$145,000 Settlement for Gender and Gender Stereotype Discrimination Matter

Several plaintiffs were prohibited from working in certain areas of their job based upon their weight, age and gender stereotype.

$187,781 Judgment in a Legal Malpractice Matter

Plaintiff hired an attorney to undertake representation in the specialized area of employment rights litigation. Defendant did not possess the requisite knowledge to handle the employment disputes for plaintiff, which ended with plaintiff's complaint being dismissed in its entirety .

$107,000 Settlement for a Racial/Ethnic Harassment Matter

Plaintiff is a black male that was forced to endure the use of horrible racial slurs used by co-workers. When management was made aware of such conduct, nothing was done and the conduct continued. Plaintiff had to resign due to the racial terminology being freely used in the workplace.

$225,000 Settlement for New Jersey Conscientious Employee Protection Act Matter

Plaintiff was a practice administrator in a medical facility and was asked to participate in a number of practices that were either illegal, fraudulent or clear violations of the guidelines set forth by Medical Boards and Medical Ethics bodies.

$150,000 Settlement for CEPA and Wrongful Termination Matter

Plaintiffs were therapists for children with developmental disabilities. Plaintiffs were asked to perform therapy on children by the school and/or parents that doctors stated was unsafe. Plaintiffs were eventually terminated because of their refusal.

$175,000 Settlement for Disability Discrimination and Family Medical Leave Act Matter

Plaintiff was discriminated against by her employer when she informed her employer of her expected pregnancy. Plaintiff was ordered by her physician to stay out on medical leave until her physician instructed, and when plaintiff informed her employer of this, she was informed that her position had been eliminated and she was to collect unemployment.

$135,000 Settlement for Sexual Harassment and National Origin Harassment

Plaintiff worked as a waitress and was subject to severe sexual harassment and harassment based on her national origin. Plaintiff would have comments continually made to her about how Europeans don’t take showers and would be called offensive names. Plaintiff complained to her employer yet the harassment continued.

$100,000 Settlement for Disability Discrimination and Unlawful Discharge

Plaintiff was a custodian who went out on medical leave for a couple of months. Plaintiff returned to work and after five months of working without issues and without conversation about any restrictions, he was informed by defendant that they couldn’t accommodate his restrictions. Plaintiff was removed from work prior to the expiration of his contract, which was a result of discrimination based upon perception held regarding disability.

$145,000 Settlement for Violation under the LAD permitted by a School

Plaintiff was a student who was harassed by fellow students. Students harassed the plaintiff by breaking into her locker and stealing her books, gym clothes, etc. When plaintiff reported this harassment to her teacher, nothing was ever done. Students continued to harass plaintiff by spreading sexual rumors about the plaintiff. Plaintiff continued to advise teachers of said harassment, and nothing was ever done. There was no investigation and no discipline to the students making the harassing comments.

$127,988 Jury Verdict for Age Discrimination Case

Plaintiff was a senior lifeguard for more than 30 years. The requalification standards were different for senior lifeguards. There was a plan devised to eliminate the senior lifeguards from the beach patrol by implementing new testing standards. Those standards would affect the older lifeguards. Plaintiff failed the new qualifications by 3 to 4 seconds. This matter went to trial and a jury awarded for the plaintiff.

$110,000 Settlement for Race -Based Harassment Matter

Plaintiff is a black woman who was subjected to racially discriminatory comments towards and about non-white employees and non-white individuals who visited the medical center. Plaintiff complained to human resources about the discriminatory actions that were taking place, and specifically complained about the difference between the way white and non-white babies were being treated. Despite making complaints, nothing was done to stop the racial harassment and discriminatory treatment.

$250,000 Settlement for Gender Harassment and Retaliation Matter

Plaintiff was an assistant principal at a High School. Plaintiff (and other female employees) were subjected to being called ageist names by supervisors. The other female employees were told that they needed to retire so they can replace them with men. When a complaint was finally made, plaintiff was advised that her contract was not going to be renewed.

$120,000 Settlement for Violation of Family Medical Leave Act

Plaintiff was out of work on medical leave. When plaintiff returned to work, her supervisor would constantly make comments about her being out on leave and how her being out has impacted his work. Plaintiff’s supervisor was not pleased with plaintiff taking off for medical leave and made it known to plaintiff, staff members and outside representatives. Plaintiff asked her supervisor to stop making such inappropriate comments. Plaintiff filed a complaint against her employer. Plaintiff was let go, being told that her position was being eliminated immediately.

$11.8 Million Verdict for Denial of Medical Leave

Plaintiff diagnosed with multiple sclerosis was denied a medical leave of absence to undergo treatment by her employer. Despite numerous requests, the employer refused to allow her to return to work and forced her into disability retirement. A Mercer County jury awarded the $11.8 Million trial verdict for economic damages, emotional distress and punitive damages.

$100,000 Settlement for a Harassment in School Matter

Plaintiff was continually verbally harassed and even physically assaulted by peers at school. Yet the administration, having knowledge of said harassment, did not intervene in accordance with the law.

$130,000 Settlement for Constitutional Denial of Free and Appropriate Public Education Under the New Jersey Constitution Matter

Plaintiff was continually subjected to non-discriminatory harassment, intimidation and bullying by teachers and administrative professionals. Plaintiff was denied her Constitutional right to a public education, which violated the New Jersey Civil Rights Act.

$425,000 Settlement for Conscientious Employee Protection Act (CEPA) Matter

Plaintiff refused to engage in actions that would violate federal regulations, which refusal ended with his termination.

$175,000 Settlement for Sexual Harassment Claim

Plaintiff was subjected to sexually explicit questions by her supervisor, as well as being continually asked to engage in sexual activities. Employer suggested that plaintiff resign given his treatment of her.

$175, 000 Settlement for Failure to Accommodate a Disability, as well as Retaliation against Disability

Plaintiff needed a medical accommodation at his place of employment. At first, plaintiff was denied said accommodation. After his condition had worsened, his accommodation was granted but was going to result in his termination.

$100,000 Settlement for Sexual Harassment In the Workplace Matter

Plaintiff was continually sexually harassed by a co-worker even after she advised upper management of said harassment.

$100,000 Settlement for New Jersey Prevailing Wage Act Matter and CEPA Matter

Plaintiff was seeking unpaid overtime compensation , the difference between actual wages paid and wages due pursuant to the PWA on public works jobs, and sought to remedy a retaliatory discharge which occurred after he made a good faith complaint of wage violations to his employer and after he disclosed wage violations to a state inspector.

$102,000 Settlement for New Jersey Conscientious Employee Protection Act (CEPA) Matter

Plaintiffs had been unlawfully retaliated against for objecting to unlawful conduct. Two plaintiffs were terminated and the third plaintiff received a reduction of hours due to engaging in protected conduct.

$120,000 Settlement New Jersey Security and Financial Empowerment Act ("SAFE") Matter

Defendants violated the SAFE act when they discharged and/or threatened to discharge plaintiff as a result of plaintiff requesting time off.

which occurred after he made a good faith complaint of wage violations to his employer and after he disclosed wage violations to a state inspector.

$100,000 Settlement for Age Harassment and Retaliatory Harassment Case

Plaintiff was continually harassed by his direct supervisor by having several remarks made to him regarding his age. When Plaintiff complained to human resources, the harassment continued and plaintiff was given the option to either resign his position or transfer locations.

$2.2 Million Jury Verdict for a Whistleblower

The plaintiff was a lab tech in a hospital and claimed that the supervisor did not have the legally required credentials to do the job, which in his view put patient safety as risk. After painting him as insubordinate and an unsuccessful worker, the hospital fired the plaintiff.

When the defendant would not settle the case for a reasonable number, the firm went to trial and obtained a $2.2 million verdict for the aggrieved worker.

$950,000 Settlement for Ethnicity-Based Harassment in the Workplace

Plaintiff, of East-Asian extraction, claimed that his supervisor was engaging in harassment based on plaintiff's ethnicity and national origin. Plaintiff was subjected to repeated comments such as being called a "terrorist." When plaintiff complained to human resources, the harassment continued. Plaintiff was eventually terminated from his employment.

$750,000 Settlement for Multiple Plaintiffs who were part of a Mass Firing and Rehiring

Plaintiffs were involved with a mass firing and/or rehiring due to new ownership. New ownership was participating in illegal acts under the Law Against Discrimination by arranging with others to enact policies which were either intended to be discriminatory and/or which had a discriminatory impact on both fired workers and/or workers eligible for non-discriminatory rehire.

$575,000 Settlement for CEPA Matter

Plaintiff had been retaliatory discharged for engaging in protected conduct. Plaintiff made consistent objection and internal disclosures for over a year to upper management that he believed the company was in violation of Federal law. An independent auditor validated plaintiff's observations that the company was violating Federal law. Plaintiff was eventually discharged for such engagement.

$435,000 Settlement for Sexual Harassment at a Car Dealership

The plaintiffs were subjected to sexually denigrating remarks and even though neither of them lost their jobs, the firm was able to obtain the above settlement after aggressive and thorough discovery.

$350,000 Settlement for Wrongful Termination Based Upon Age Discrimination

Plaintiff was terminated from his employer based upon his "older" age. Plaintiff was advised that he should "move aside" and allow a "younger employee to manage." When plaintiff contacted the EEOC to make a complaint, plaintiff was terminated shortly thereafter.

$320,000 Settlement for Whistleblower Discharge

A man worked for a construction company and protested to the owner that there was fraud being committed with regard to certain jobs that the company was doing and how materials were secured for those jobs.

The owner terminated the employee and the firm sued. After going through literally thousands of pages of discovery, the firm was able to obtain the above settlement, much to the satisfaction of the firm's client.

$300,000 Settlement for Whistleblowing about Healthcare Fraud

Two workers opposed changing records to show that medical response from their employer was other than what it was. They were terminated in retaliation.

$300,000 Settlement for Wrongful Discharge and Failure to Accommodate

The plaintiff was a police officer who became disabled. The defendants failed to accommodate the plaintiff's disability and then wrongfully terminated the plaintiff due to his disability.

$260,000 Settlement for Sexual Harassment

Two ladies were forced to endure leering and other behavior from a male supervisor which made them uncomfortable. The settlement was obtained despite the absence of any sexually specific or sexually slurring language.

$250,000 Settlement for Injuries in a Premises Liability Matter

Plaintiff was injured due to a business failing to maintain a safe doorway. The plaintiff's injuries could have been prevented with non-negligent maintenance.

$250,000 Settlement for New Jersey Conscientious Employee Protection Act (CEPA) Matter

Plaintiff was working for a public entity and believed that one of the supervisors was engaging in illegal and fraudulent activity. When plaintiff reported that conduct to the proper authorities, plaintiff was eventually terminated based upon his actions, which were protected under CEPA.

$250,000 Settlement for Retaliatory Discharge for Telling the Truth about a Law Firm's Illegal Practices

An attorney was fired by a law firm for opposing illegal practices used by the firm to secure new business. The attorney was terminated and the firm aggressively litigated the matter, resulting in an excellent settlement for the terminated employee.

$250,000 Settlement for FLSA Matter

Plaintiffs brought suit to remedy violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Plaintiffs alleged improper "tip pooling" policies of the defendants which affected a number of servers in a hospitality setting.

$247,000 Settlement for Ethnic Harassment

Three African American employees of a company were subjected to racial slurs and negative racial comments by their supervisor. The firm was able to obtain a $247,000 settlement for them at the close of discovery and right before trial.

$209,871.96 Judgment for a Wrongful Termination based on Pregnancy Discrimination and Failure to Participate in Insurance Fraud

Plaintiff worked in a medical practice and was wrongfully terminated due to her pregnancy and/or familial status. She also failed to comply with PIP auto insurance fraud, which was also a factor in her wrongful termination.

$200,000 Settlement for Opposing Sexual Harassment

Female worker reported her boss for denigrating comments about women and was refused a promotion in retaliation.

$195,000 Settlement for Racial Harassment Claim

Plaintiff was subjected to racially derogatory comments about him and about black individuals at work on a daily basis. Plaintiff advised upper management of such comments, yet nothing was done.

$180,000 Settlement for Race Based Harassment

A man working in the physical plant of an institution had to listen to his supervisor play Nazi videos from YouTube, listen to racial slurs which both included him as well as others, and finally felt that he had enough. He left the job and asked the firm for help. The firm was able to settle the matter right at the beginning of discovery.

$175,000 Settlement for Retaliation for Support of Racial Discrimination Claim

A Caucasian supervisor who supported the claims of an African American subordinate was in turn retaliated against. The firm was able to obtain the above settlement without the need for filing suit.

$175,000 Settlement for Racial Harassment

An African American woman working for an institution had to constantly listen to racial slurs. The firm did an aggressive job of getting helpful witnesses to perpetuate their testimony and then settled the matter in mediation.

$150,000 Settlement for Plaintiffs Regarding Workplace Harassment and Wrongful Termination

Plaintiff was continually harassed by upper management due to pregnancy, family status and gender. Plaintiff’s harassment began after her maternity leave and was subject to a hostile working environment based upon her pregnancy and her gender as a woman. Plaintiff’s husband was the second plaintiff who was terminated based upon bringing up the harassment to which his wife was subjected.

$150,000 Settlement Based upon Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Plaintiff is male and a victim of past sexual abuse. When plaintiff's co-workers made jokes about subject matter which made plaintiff recall the abuse, plaintiff spoke with administration regarding this. There was no response.

$150,000 Jury Verdict for Sexual Harassment in a Restaurant

The plaintiff was a waitress in a restaurant and was frequently called, as were her co-workers, by names that were denigrating to women. When she opposed both sexual and racial slurs, she was fired in retaliation and further victimized by racial slurs during the discharge.

When the defendant would not settle for a reasonable number, the firm went to trial and obtained $50,000 in compensatory damages and $100,000 in punitive damages from the jury.

$150,000 Settlement for Sexual Harassment Matter

The plaintiff was a secretary who was severely and continually sexually harassed by her direct supervisor.

$150,000 Settlement for Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Matter

Plaintiff was continually subjected to sexual harassment by a co-worker and in the presence of upper management. The harassment continued even after plaintiff reported such harassment to human resources. After the complaint was filed in this matter, plaintiff then suffered retaliation for filing the complaint.

$141,000 Settlement for Wrongful Termination Based upon Protected Conduct under CEPA

Plaintiff was a nurse who believed a patient in her facility was being abused. When plaintiff reported this conduct, administration dismissed her complaints. Plaintiff was also asked to engage in illegal conduct regarding records. When plaintiff refused to engage in such conduct, she was eventually terminated.

$130,000 Settlement in a Free Speech Civil Rights Case

An individual was protesting at a municipal meeting and upset the powers that be with that protest. The person was arrested and even though they only spent a few hours incarcerated, the firm argued that the Constitutional Right to Free Speech had been interfered with and aggressively litigated the case to demonstrate that wrong was done.

The matter was settled right before trial.

$125,000 Settlement for Doctor Engaging in Protected Conduct

Plaintiff was a physician and was retaliatory and illegally terminated based upon engaging in protected conduct cognizable under CEPA. Plaintiff was not only retaliated against by way of termination, but prior to same, he was also retaliatory harassed because of his protected conduct.

$125,000 Pre-Suit Settlement for Discrimination Based on Gender and Familial Status Matter

Plaintiff was a female who had disparaging comments made by her direct supervisor to her male peers about her familial status. Plaintiff was repeatedly passed over for work memberships and associations due to her supervisor's gender bias.

$125,000 Settlement for Sexual Harassment Matter

Plaintiff was continually sexually harassed by her direct supervisor. When plaintiff reported the sexual harassment to upper management, plaintiff was then retaliated against by her direct supervisor. Defendants having been made aware of the harassment, failed to take prompt and effective remedial measures to stop said harassment.

$120,000 for Racial Harassment Claim

Plaintiff is Caucasian. Plaintiff was continually subjected to harassment on the basis of her association with her African-American family members. Management was made aware of such harassment, yet they failed to stop it.

$110,000 Settlement for Disability Discrimination Matter

Plaintiff requested an accommodation based upon her disability. When the accommodation was not met, she was eventually terminated. Plaintiff was disabled within the meaning of the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination.

$110,000 Settlement for Race Discrimination and Harassment

Plaintiff was an African-American female who was discriminated against and harassed due to her race. Plaintiff was retaliated against when she made complaints about harassment to upper management and was eventually discharged from position.

$107,500 Settlement for New Jersey Conscientious Employee Protection Act (CEPA) Matter

Plaintiff was terminated in retaliation for engaging in protected conducted under CEPA when she refused to participate in illegal instructions from the administration.

$105,000 Settlement for Wage and Hour Matter

Plaintiffs were denied overtime due for hours worked in excess of forty per week in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

$105,000 Settlement for CEPA Matter

Plaintiff was terminated from her employment because she engaged in protected conduct under the Conscientious Employee Protection Act (CEPA).

$100,000 Settlement for Disability Discrimination Matter

Plaintiff was continually harassed by upper management regarding her weight. Plaintiff's employers did nothing to stop the harassment and it eventually resulted in the plaintiff's termination.

$100,000 Settlement for Sexual Harassment Matter

Plaintiff was sexually harassed on a daily basis by her co-workers. When plaintiff notified her employers regarding the harassment, management did nothing to stop it. Plaintiff was retaliated against and terminated due to advising of such harassment.

$100,000 Settlement for School Bullying Matter

Plaintiff was a minor who attended a South Jersey school and was subjected to ongoing harassment, intimidation and bullying. The harassment and bullying continued on a daily basis even after the child's parents reported the abuse to the principal.

$100,000 Settlement for a Wrongfully Discharged Matter

Plaintiff was working in an unhealthy office environment. When plaintiff made the supervisor aware that he was no longer able to work in such illegal and unhealthy conditions, plaintiff was terminated. Plaintiff was wrongfully terminated under the New Jersey Conscientious Employee Protection Act.

$100,000 Settlement for Sexual and Racial Harassment in the Workplace

Plaintiff was subjected to hostile and intimidating comments made by a co-worker based upon plaintiff's race and gender. When plaintiff complained to upper management, the harassment continued.

$100,000 Settlement for Sexual Harassment Matter

Plaintiff was a minor who was constantly harassed by a manager asking to engage in sexual conduct. Plaintiff was harassed by her manager in front of other managers. Plaintiff complained to the district manager and was then retaliated against by her manager for making such a complaint and had her hours cut. Plaintiff was eventually terminated.

$100,000 Settlement for a School Harassment Case

A student was being subjected to homophobic and vile harassment by fellow students and the school was not responding to the requests for help.

The firm litigated on behalf of the child through his parent, and after conducting the discovery we needed to conduct in order to demonstrate that the school had failed in its responsibility, the settlement was reached before trial.

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