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June 2014 Archives

Freelance TV workers claim unpaid overtime, unfair compensation

New Jersey residents have likely heard a number of complaints regarding employee compensation throughout the years. Many times, there are fairly obvious rules about minimum payment amounts and how employees should be compensated for things like overtime. In the world of freelance work, however, those rules become grayer, letting companies create budget-friendly work situations that aren't always positive for workers.

CIA addresses harassment in the workplace

The Associated Press recently obtained a copy of a memo sent out by the Central Intelligence Agency's Office of Equal Employment Opportunity director. In the message, the director said that out of 69 complaints of harassment in the 12 months preceding Sept. 30, 2013, the office found 15 complaints to be true. According to the memo, the offenders involved in those cases, which included racial, sexual and other harassment, were disciplined.

Supreme Court Ruling Allows Required Christian Prayer at Public Meetings in Greece, New York State

Or, America is slowly becoming a theocracy. How does that work for you? 
A New Jersey Employment and Civil Rights Attorney discusses:

New Jersey nurse's employee rights upheld in court

Workers in New Jersey expect certain rights to be maintained and protected by employers and laws related to the workplace. For one New Jersey nurse, refusal to accept a flu shot resulted in both termination and the loss of unemployment benefits. A later court, however, ruled in favor of the nurse, stating her employee rights had been violated.

Federal lawmakers consider pregnancy discrimination bill

Several states, including New Jersey, recently passed laws protecting pregnant women in the workplace. Now federal lawmakers are considering a bill that would afford more protections to women across the country.