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Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

New Jersey Wage and Hour Lawyers Handling Unpaid Overtime, Minimum Wage and FLSA Class Actions

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) establishes minimum wage, overtime pay and other employment provisions. When a covered employer violates the FLSA, affected employees may have legal recourse in the form of a wage and hour lawsuit.

FLSA Violations: Unpaid Overtime, Minimum Wage Violations

Common FLSA violations include:

  • Improper calculation of overtime wages
  • Classifying non-exempt employees as exempt from overtime wages
  • Failure to pay the minimum wage
  • Failure to count certain activities (time spent waiting for work, booting up computers, changing into uniforms, finishing work at home) as hours worked
  • Requiring employees to work off the clock
  • Failure to pay overtime wages to non-exempt employees

Unpaid Overtime Claims

The New Jersey Wage and Hour Law is not as thorough in its remedies for failure to pay overtime as is the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act. The federal statute can provide a remedy for a longer period of time, can provide for double damages in the case of willful overtime compensation violations, and allows collective actions, which are similar to class actions, thus allowing many workers to combine their claims, and thus the power of those claims.

Sometimes, these overtime cases can even extend beyond New Jersey’s borders. A New Jersey overtime attorney would be able to determine under which statute to file your claim.

Are you owed unpaid wages? Contact a New Jersey overtime lawyer from our law firm today for a free initial case review.

New Jersey Overtime Attorneys and FLSA Lawyers

Our New Jersey employment attorneys have years of experience litigating both individual and collective (class) actions under FLSA. If you believe that your employer is failing to pay overtime, or is otherwise failing to pay for all hours worked, and especially if you believe these wrongful acts might affect others as well as yourself, contact our New Jersey labor attorneys today.

Not only might you be helping others recover their damages, but as a class action plaintiff, you might be entitled to additional incentive payments for having made the effort.

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