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New Jersey School Harassment And Bullying Lawyer Appears On NBC 10 To Discuss School Harassment And Bullying

February 14, 2014: Employment Rights Attorney Kevin M. Costello, Esq., a member in the New Jersey Employment Rights Law Firm of Costello, Mains & Silverman, LLC, obtained a $150.000.00 verdict in a sexual harassment trial concluded in Camden County, New Jersey, on February 7, 2014. “We’re very proud of the result,” Kevin says, “because this case was hard-fought. At no time did these defendants want to discuss settlement, and they were aggressive in offering witnesses and evidence suggesting the harassment didn’t occur.”

The case involved sexual and racial harassment directed at a female server by her employer, the owner of a south Jersey dining establishment. “Some pretty awful language was at issue,” Kevin says, “though the defendant, along with his witnesses, denied that it happened.” As well, the plaintiff in the matter contended that she was discharged in retaliation for resisting the harassment, and that she lost several weeks of work as a result. The final verdict was in the amount of $50,000.00 in compensatory damages and an additional $100,000.00 in punitive damages. An application for additional damages for the plaintiff’s attorney fees is also pending.

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