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Wage & Hour Laws Archives

Do independent contractors have worker’s rights?

Over the last several years, the employment landscape has shifted drastically, with many people opting to work as independent contractors. Depending on the circumstances, this can be a useful option that provides sufficient income while offering flexibility that traditional employment does not. But gig work also has some fairly serious drawbacks, at least under current laws.

Teachers’ union secures raises after wage dispute

Wage disputes can sometimes get so bogged down in the details that it is difficult to see the big picture. This is common when it comes to fields like primary education, where teachers often face social expectations of receiving unfairly low pay for very demanding work. Many administrators and even teachers themselves seem to think that it is acceptable to pay teacher wages that are far from competitive, seeing the job as more of a service position than it truly is.

Is it legal to perform work off the clock for an employer?

Most types of work do not permit employers to legally encourage or allow unpaid overtime work . If your employer expects your to work off the clock or even allows you to do so, they may face serious legal liability. Off-the-clock work is generally not legal except for certain kinds of professional and executive workers, or those who work in specific industries. If you are not sure if your own job qualifies you to work unpaid time off the clock, it is wise to look into the specific laws of New Jersey to determine how they may apply to your own experience.

New bill aims to make wages more fair for women and minorities

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy came out strong in support of wage equality for women in the workplace, announcing that he would soon sign into law the "most sweeping equal pay legislation in America." He went on to claim that women in New Jersey often make only 82 cents to the dollar compared to men who do the same work. In fact, the governor claimed that he had hoped to sign the bill on the newly minted Equal Pay Day, but chose to wait for Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg to return from vacation for the signing.

Explaining New Jersey break requirements for employers

Employees across the state of New Jersey are protected by a host of different laws and regulations. Many employees don't realize that employers aren't technically required by law to provide their employees with breaks while on the job. Today, we will take a look at the break requirements set forth by the state of New Jersey for employers.

New Jersey's minimum wage raise took effect Jan. 1

Among the new laws that took effect in New Jersey on Jan. 1, 2018, is a welcome increase in the state's minimum wage. Those who currently serve in minimum wage positions should expect to see the increase on payroll for hours worked after Jan. 1, but some employers may need some assistance implementing the increase effectively and in a timely manner.

Sports bar ordered to pay back wages to former employees

Right down the road in New Brunswick, a sports bar recently faced a court order to pay almost $60,000 in unpaid wages to former employees. The order came after a multi-year lawsuit on the part of six former employees. According to the suit, the employees claimed that the bar did not uphold minimum wage laws. The bar is only one of about 70 franchised locations throughout the country.

Misclassified employees are often owed back pay

Depending on the nature of your job and other factors, your employer may misclassify you as an exempt employee. Employee misclassification is a significant problem in many industries, and one that employers are rarely eager to fix. If you face misclassification, whether an employer misclassifies you as an exempt employee accidentally or purposefully, you still must deal the same consequences.

New Jersey employer reaches agreement with nurses' union

Hospitals and medical care centers are certainly a good place to go when you suffer an injury, but for the nurses who staff them, these establishments often pose serious health risks if company policies do not provide adequate support to the staff. This conflict was at the heart of a recent negotiation between a New Jersey medical center and a nurses' union.

Lawmakers approve back pay for government workers

The recent government shutdown here in New Jersey may have come and gone for the rest of the country, but for our government workers, the lost time will translate directly to lost pay, at least for now. It also serves to highlight an often-overlooked issue for government workers — in the event of a shutdown, what are they supposed to do about the lost time they won't be paid for?

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