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Car accident Archives

Auto Safety Features Explained

For some people, safety is the top concern when choosing a car. For most, safety is one concern among many. Cost, convenience, even style might all rank ahead of the safety features of a vehicle, depending on your preferences. Wherever safety falls on your list of priorities, you should, at least, understand the ways your car can help make your driving experience safer. Toward that end, the National Safety Council recently launched a new web site designed to help drivers understand important features of their vehicles. At, drivers can learn about passive and active safety technology present in their vehicles.

Traffic Deaths Up In 2015

The National Safety Council released preliminary data about traffic fatalities in 2015 and the news is not good. From January to June, 18,600 traffic deaths were reported throughout the United States. Through June of 2014, 16,400 deaths had been reported. That marks a 14 percent increase in motor vehicle deaths so far this year. It puts 2015 on pace to be the most deadly year on U.S. roadways since 2007.

Drunk Driving Campaign Raises Awareness

A new initiative seeks to raise awareness about drunk driving this week. From August 21 to September 7, New Jersey drivers in some areas will go through sobriety checkpoints and roving patrols. This is part of the national campaign to "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over." The goal is to reinforce the message that drinking and driving is highly dangerous and those convicted will receive harsh punishment.

Child Passenger Safety In New Jersey

As of September 1, the State of New Jersey will have a new set of laws in place to improve the safety of young passengers. The new rules make several changes that parents and guardians should be aware of when transporting young people by car. The new laws are intended to bring New Jersey into line with the latest recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics regarding child safety.

Safety, Etiquette And The Left Lane

The left lane is for passing. It's a relatively simple idea that can help traffic move more quickly and safely. Proper lane discipline is not just about etiquette, though there is a component of that. Drivers who clog up the left lane cause congestion and congestion causes accidents. New Jersey is one of many states that have passed legislation increasing the penalties for holding up other motorists by cruising in the left lane.

Automaker Lobbyists 1, Safety 0

It was probably a foregone conclusion once the Senate came under Republican control in January. The push for auto safety reforms was never likely to succeed once the dollars started flying around Capitol Hill. The latest piece of legislation designed to protect auto consumers hit a major snag last week when a Senate committee struck down several measures designed to protect the people from automotive businesses. The push to allow criminal sanctions against auto executives who hide deadly auto defects was struck down. In addition, a measure that would have prevented used car dealers from selling cars with unrepaired recalls was also defeated. The news was largely bad for anyone without a major financial stake in protecting auto industry leaders.

The Cause Of Accidents And Self-Driving Cars

The potential and promise of vehicles that drive themselves is hard to dispute. Autonomous cars and trucks are being tested and perfected as we speak. The investment made in this technology makes it likely that at least some form of it will be available to consumers sooner, rather than later. The testing, however, has not been without its problems. Accidents involving Google's self-driving cars have been reported and have received significant attention. A closer look at these accidents is in order.

Tougher Restrictions Could Reduce Teen Driving Accidents

Graduated Driver License laws have definitely had an impact on the number of teen fatalities caused by traffic accidents. That impact is not enough, according to the chief strategist for the National Safety Council. In a recent speech, he called for new restrictions and requirements designed to help keep teen drivers safe.

Memorial Day Weekend Travel Safety

Every holiday weekend means an increase in traffic and the burdens that come along with it. This Memorial Day weekend will likely see an increase in car accidents due to congestion, visitors and the unsafe behaviors that attend many holidays. After a very difficult winter, many people will be looking to head to the beach to finally enjoy the return of warmer weather. If you are among the people traveling this weekend, please be careful. Holidays are no excuse to drive drunk, drive while distracted or generally engage in dangerous behavior.

Proper Car Seat Installation

If you've never installed a child's car seat, you might think the process is difficult to screw up. You'd be wrong. Installation errors in child restraint systems are a very common. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, three-quarters of children ride in car seats that either don't fit them or that are installed incorrectly. There are actually quite a few ways that a car seat can be installed incorrectly. Factor in the fact that cars are not all set up the same way for car seats and it is clear why installation is not so simple.

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