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Sexual Harassment Archives

Navy officer accused of allowing pornography sharing in workplace

A sexual harassment complaint has been brought against a commanding officer with the United States Navy's Blue Angels, the precision flying team that performs at highly publicized events each year. The commanding officer has been removed from his duties and reassigned, pending an investigation into allegations that he allowed sexually inappropriate behavior in the workplace between 2008 and 2012.

What constitutes as sexual harassment and how victims can fight back

Many New Jersey residents can likely recall a situation or incident at work that left them feeling uneasy. From an off-color joke about women told by a co-worker to physical advances made by a supervisor, employees of all ages and in all professions can be victims of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Two decades later, documentary remembers EEOC harassment case

Anita Hill was involved in a sexual harassment case that not only drew national attention but helped drastically increase awareness about workplace harassment. Hill had taken the bold step in 1991 to testify in a Senate Judiciary Committee about the sexual harassment that she said she endured while working at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Former New Jersey secretary chooses to settle case out of court

The former secretary of a New Jersey school recently decided to bring her 2011 employment lawsuit to a close by settling her claims with the Long Branch school district. The basis of the lawsuit was an allegation that the superintendent at the time had sexually harassed the woman.

Study: journalism often a difficult career for many women

When the television is turned on early in the morning or after work, the viewer will often catch a little bit of the news. The viewer will sit on the couch as the anchor tells them about what is happening locally, across the nation and around the world. And, of course, these anchors and on-site journalists do it with a smile.

The NFL isn't just sport or entertainment, it's a workplace too

Football is a sport that is watched by millions of Americans, some of which reside in New Jersey. Fans cheer for their favorite team as they battle their opponent. Sunday get-togethers in the fall are often even centered on the day’s game, and party-goers dress up in their team’s colors.

Sexual harassment is sexual harassment, including same-sex

It is very true that most cases that are filed on the basis of sexual harassment in the workplace entail allegations between a man and a woman. While the majority of cases might occur under these circumstances, sexual harassment is sexual harassment whether between opposite-sex individuals or same-sex employees.

Sexual orientation harassment can be based on perception

State and federal laws protect employees in New Jersey from harassment in the workplace. This illegal behavior can create a hostile work environment that is not only impossibly stressful, but can actually lead to very real health issues. While sexual harassment may be the first kind that comes to mind, it certainly is not the only type of illegal workplace harassment.

New Jersey principal and councilman accused of sexual harassment

Under both state and federal employment laws, employees have a right to expect a workplace that is free of harassment and discrimination. Despite laws to the contrary, inappropriate and harassing acts and behaviors are often waged against women and men in the workplace. For those who encounter sexual harassment, coming forward can be difficult and requires much courage and strength.

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