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Workplace Discrimination Archives

11 things your boss cannot do because of your religion

The United States is supposed to be a melting pot for people of all different races, ethnicities, religions and cultures. It is a place where everyone needs to get an equal opportunity. Unfortunately, many people feel they have been denied that opportunity in the workforce because they have faced discrimination. In many cases, the discrimination revolves around religion.

4 tips if you are facing discrimination at work

Discrimination can come from many sources at work. It could be a boss denying you a promotion based on your gender. It could be co-workers discriminating against you based on your race. No matter what it looks like, it is both frustrating and illegal.

Do you face pregnancy discrimination at work?

In workplaces in America, it is not legal to discriminate against an employee because of pregnancy. Unfortunately for many expectant mothers, numerous employers still do not properly treat their pregnant employees. It may require legal action against them to remedy the situation and bring justice to the workplace. If you experience pregnancy discrimination in the workplace, you should seriously consider the legal tools available to help you fight back against such behavior.

What is an employer’s duty to reasonable accommodation?

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), an employee who has a disability may compel an employer to provide certain accommodations for him or her, as long as the accommodations are "reasonable," which is not always easy to define for either the employee or the employer. If an accommodation is unreasonable, an employer may legitimately refuse to provide it, but understanding what qualifies as unreasonable can prove difficult.

Workplace discrimination against medical marijuana users

New Jersey Governor Philip D. Murphy made legalization of marijuana a core component of his platform during his election campaign, and he is already taking steps to expand residents' access to the drug through legitimate medical dispensaries. However, the process of legalization is often lengthy and complicated, and it may be quite some time before the drug is no longer a threat to the livelihoods of users, even those who do qualify for a medical marijuana exception.

Lawmakers consider new employee protection measures

New Jersey lawmakers are considering new legislation that would place broad protections around employees, keeping them from unfairly waving their rights against discrimination in the workplace. Under the proposed bill, employment contracts would face legal challenges if they include language that undermines or waives discrimination rights.

Recovering back wages from an employer

If you believe that your current employer or a former employer owes you unpaid wages, you deserve to understand the rights you have to fair pay and the steps you can take to resolve the dispute. The good news is that employees who do not receive fair pay for their work have a number of ways they may pursue fair compensation.

Now is the time to stand up to injustice in the workplace

2017 may well go down in history books as, among other things, the year that many individuals who suffered unfair treatment in the workplace spoke up and made their voices heard. People from many walks of life found the courage to come forward publicly about numerous instances of workplace abuses of power and privilege that may have gone unchallenged otherwise.

Can my employer keep me from discussing salary at work?

Many employers have surprisingly inaccurate ideas about what they can and cannot require of their employees, often placing guidelines into their employee handbooks or company policies that run contrary to the actual law of the land. In many, many instances, these violations of the law and of employees rights go unchecked because employees just assume that the employer knows what they're doing.

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