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Civil Rights Archives

Employment And School Bullying Civil Rights Firm Of Costello & Mains, LLC, Applies New Jersey Civil Rights Act To Harassing Conduct By School Professionals Directed At Student

In what appears to be a case of first impression, a New Jersey Superior Court Judge held on Friday, January 6th, 2017, that a student has a right to bring a claim under the New Jersey Civil Rights Act when she is non-discriminatorily harassed, intimidated or bullied at school by teachers and administrators.

What The Fourth Of July Really Means For America

The 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence were, admittedly, not terribly representative of today's America. All were male. All were white. All were (at least publically) straight. All were Christian. All were "rich" by the standards of the day. And 41 of them owned slaves.

Gender And Gender Identity Discrimination Guidelines

New York City is releasing new guidelines to help combat discrimination against people based on gender or gender identity. The New York City Human Rights Commission has put forth specific rules explaining just what amounts to discrimination. The rules cover discriminatory practices that often target gay and transgender people. The guidelines will apply to a large percentage of businesses, as well as to landlords and other employers.

Government Policy Still Discriminates Against Gay Men

The Food and Drug Administration has long maintained the policy that gay men are not allowed to donate blood. The policy is insulting, degrading and unscientific. The FDA has finally agreed to change this decades-old policy. Unfortunately, the new policy does little more than slightly change the flavor of the discrimination. The FDA will now accept blood donations from gay men, as long as they have not had sexual contact with another man for at least a year. The policy matches those maintained by Australia, New Zealand the U.K. It does not, however, match with the ideals of a nation that does not, or should not, discriminate against people based on sexual orientation.

New Jersey Civil Rights Trial Lawyer Discusses Muslins, ISIS, and the San Bernardino, California Massacre

Well, it didn't take long, did it? Right when we're still in mourning for Paris, on Wednesday the 2nd of December, another December day that will "live in infamy," two animals claiming to be religious soldiers killed 14 innocent people and wounded 21 others. Syed Rizwan Farook was born here. His wife, Tashfeen Malik, was born in Pakistan and was here legally.

"Conversion Therapy" Must Stop

If you are not aware of "conversion therapy," the odious idea behind it is to push lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people to change their sexual orientation. It treats any sexual orientation other than heterosexuality as a disease to be cured. It is typically pushed by religious groups and incorporates prayer or other elements of religion. New Jersey is one of several states to pass legislation to stop licensed mental health providers from offering conversion therapy to young people. It is time to stop the practice all over the country as a recent government report details.

Police Brutality And Body Cameras

The sad incidents in Ferguson, Baltimore, Cleveland, New York City and elsewhere have led many to question the actions of law enforcement in using force. Many of those who believe that police use of force is excessive and out of control have called for body cameras as a solution. Some in law enforcement are equally enthusiastic about the use of video cameras, believing that the cameras will lead to greater public trust and protect officers from false claims of brutality. It is worth examining whether body cameras can actually deliver the positive results claimed by proponents.

Spirit Day And The Bullying Of LGBT Youth

According to a 2013 study cited by GLAAD (formerly the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation), 55.5 percent of LGBT students feel unsafe at school because of their sexual orientation. Another 38.7 percent feel unsafe at school because of their gender expression. While bullying is a potential problem for many young people, LGBT students are frequently targeted for abuse. Today, October 15, 2015, is Spirit Day. Spirit Day was first celebrated in 2010. The purpose of Spirit Day is to show LGBT youth that we support them and to help put a stop to the bullying that they must so often face. Supporters are asked to wear purple, as purple is the color symbolizing 'spirit' on the rainbow flag.

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