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Posts tagged "employee"

Helpful tips for new fathers seeking time off

The roles fathers have with newborn children has gradually changed over time. Nowadays, fathers are more involved with changing diapers, preparing food, bathing and comforting their young children. More importantly, more companies are recognizing the benefit (and fairness) offering paternity time; essentially time off for new fathers to establish a bond with their children directly after the birth.

New Jersey Employment and Civil Rights Attorney Discuss the "Ban the Box" Bill

Governor Chris Christie signed the "Opportunity to Compete Act" into law on August 11, 2014, also known as the "Ban the Box" law. This new law will no longer allow employers to ask applicants to check a box saying whether they have been convicted of a crime. This is a needed fix to a "silent" problem which has long existed, but which has gone unaddressed because the victims are ex-cons, a constituency most people don't much care about.

Gender wage gap at center of political debate

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill agree that the wage gap between the average salary paid to men and the average salary paid to women for the same work still exists. Like many political debates, that is where the agreement seems to end. Exactly how large that gap is and how the problem should be addressed are two issues that are currently the topic of discussion.

Would a federal tipping wage of $8.25 have effect in New Jersey?

Minimum wage is one of the current events topics across the nation. Some states have proposed or already enacted measures that would increase the minimum wage in certain industries or jurisdictions. This debate recently came to the state of New Jersey. Earlier this month, national advocacy groups spoke out on behalf of seasonal restaurant workers at the Jersey Shore.

New Year, new minimum wage in New Jersey

New Jersey is one of the 13 states that are set to increase the minimum wage with the ringing in of 2014, as reported by the National Employment Law Project. Washington D.C. lawmakers and those in another 11 states said that raising the minimum wage would at least be a topic of consideration in the upcoming 12 months.

Taco Truck worker's life: eat, sleep, overworked but underpaid

For one New Jersey worker, tacos were his life…literally. The male worker was employed as a driver, cook and cashier in a Taco Truck mobile facility. The man was paid a salary that averaged out to approximately $615 per week. To earn that $615, the man said that he worked around 70 to 80 hours over six days per week. Sometimes, his schedule forced him to sleep in the truck.

Clothing or protective gear? Steel workers argue the latter

For most employees, the uniforms that they wear at work are put on at home. If the workplace is an office, the mandatory shirt and tie was taken out of their personal closet. If the workplace is an airline, the slacks and captain’s hat was put on at the house or the hotel. For servers at restaurant chains, the company shirt is one that they get to bring home, and the list goes on.

Employee misclassification an illegal way to increase profits

The goal of most employers is to make a profit. This is probably not a big surprise to any of our Evesham Employment Law Blog readers. Employers will find the best deal on supplies, enter into contracts that provide the greatest benefit or structure employee schedules to ensure that labor costs are in balance with the work that needs to be done.

Ballot vote will determine minimum wage increase in New Jersey

Nov. 5 is just over one month away, and for many New Jersey workers, it will be an important election day. One question on the ballot this year is whether or not the minimum wage in New Jersey should be raised to $8.25 and include annual cost-of-living adjustments.

Bill eyes 1.2 million New Jersey workers without paid sick leave

In a lot of households, it is the mother who is called when a child gets sick at school or takes time off to help care for a relative with an illness. Many of these women are also the primary wage earners in their family. Yet, New Jersey law does not protect this societal health interest with paid sick days for around 1.2 million workers in the state -- many of them women.

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