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Posts tagged "Sexual Harassment"

New Jersey lawsuit against McDonald's is one of many

A woman who worked at a McDonald's in Farmingdale, New Jersey, has filed a lawsuit against the fast-food giant. She says that after reporting unsanitary and unsafe conditions that were "endemic to the workplace," she was called racist, sexist and other derogatory names and sexually harassed. Her working conditions became so stressful, she says, that her physical and mental health suffered. She eventually left the company.

Is that sexual harassment or just flirting?

Flirting with members of the opposite sex happens all the time. It happens in schools, at the bar, at work or over the phone. It's often something people embrace and enjoy. It can be thrilling, and it's the way that many relationships progress from just being friends into something more.

How to prove retaliation after being sexually harassed at work

There are both state and federal laws on the books that make it illegal for an employer to retaliate against their employees. Employers are strictly forbidden from firing employees who participate in an investigation of their employer or report their unlawful activities including discrimination and sexual harassment. Anyone who violates legislation such as the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), Equal Pay Act (EPA), Civil Rights Act (CRA) or Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) may face civil penalties for doing so.

What to do if you receive a sexually suggestive text or email

You're moving through your day, doing your job as scheduled, and all of a sudden you receive a strange text or email from a supervisor or coworker. You're taken aback, as it's sexually suggestive and you don't know exactly how to react.

New Jersey may get the first government harassment reporting plan

Does the New Jersey government have a problem with sexual harassment? Some lawmakers in Trenton think that a "toxic culture of abuse" requires some proactive measures to get legislators on the same page before they take office.

New Jersey school district official sued for sexual harassment

The supervisor of curriculum and instruction at the Stafford Township School District (STSD) filed a sexual harassment retaliation lawsuit against the school system's superintendent on Dec. 12. In her filing, she alleges that her boss repeatedly sent her text messages requesting her to come and visit him at a bar in Manahawkin in the middle of the night.

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