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Toy & Child Product Defects

Mount Laurel Defective Products Attorneys

Toys and products intended for children are among the most frequently recalled consumer goods. Recalls are often inspired by numerous reports of injury or a few reports of fatal accidents involving a product. If a toy or other product has caused your child injury, it is important to speak to a lawyer right away. At Costello & Mains, LLC, we help protect victims of personal injury accidents in New Jersey. We can help you get compensation and protect other children from suffering the same injury yours did. Call us at 856-291-0642 (local) or 800-421-0212 (toll free) or contact us online to schedule a confidential consultation.

Combating Defective Toys

Why are there so many recalls involving products intended for children? Product liability claims are often the result of ill-conceived designs, shoddy manufacturing and substandard parts. Unfortunately, many toys suffer product defects because they are cheaply made and not tested thoroughly, if at all. Many toy companies understand that their products only need to stand up to mild and short-lived use. To make money, they cut corners and hope your child tires of the toy before its cheapness causes problems. Another problem, of course, is that children use products differently than adults. It is not always easy to predict how an injury will occur because children use toys and other products in unexpected ways.

Fatal Product Defects

Children are vulnerable to serious injury or even death when exposed to unsafe products. Nothing is worse than losing a child in a tragic accident. Products that can cause the death of a child must be removed from shelves as soon as possible. If your child suffered a wrongful death because of an unsafe product, we can help you get justice and protect other children and families from the horror you are going through.

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