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Wage & Hour Laws Archives

Is your boss a bully?

Your boss is in charge, naturally, but that does not mean they have to treat you with disdain or push you around in the workplace. A boss who does this may be a bully, and it can create a toxic workplace.

How to prove wage and hour retaliation

Filing a wage complaint against your employer is well within your rights, especially if you have solid evidence that your wages have been tampered with in any shape or form. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) was created by the federal government to protect employees from various problems that can arise on the job. This includes protection from retaliation by an employer. Here's how you can prove a wage and hour retaliation claim against your employer.

Does your employer require you to work off the clock?

If your employer requires you to work off the clock, it's important to better understand why this is the case and what you can do to protect your legal rights. Neglecting to take action will have an adverse impact on your life, as you're putting in hours that you're not paid for.

Steps to take if being denied proper breaks at work

The law in New Jersey does not explicitly force companies to provide their employees with breaks for rest or to eat. This means that employers must follow federal rules and laws regarding breaks while on the job. Today, we will explore the steps you should take if you are denied proper breaks at work in New Jersey.

Explaining who is responsible for tracking overtime hours

If you work in a profession that provides overtime pay, who is responsible for tracking the overtime hours? Many employees believe or are led to believe, that they are the ones responsible for tracking their overtime hours. This cannot be further from the truth. Today, we will take a look at who is responsible for tracking overtime hours, so you have a clear understanding of your role at work.

What are the labor laws for children in New Jersey

If you have a child who wants to start working or who has been engaging in paid work, you may wonder whether it is legal for them to do so. There are laws in place to limit the amount and the types of work that children can engage in for their own protection.

Common overtime mistakes made by employers

It's not uncommon for employers to make mistakes when it comes to the payment of overtime to employees. More often than not, these mistakes are honest ones that are easily and quickly fixed when brought to the attention of the payroll department. What are some of the more egregious overtime mistakes made by employers?

Rights for seasonal workers in New Jersey

There are two spikes in employment every year in the state of New Jersey: the holiday season and the summer season. During the holidays, retailers across the state hire part-time, or seasonal, workers to help with the rush of holiday shoppers. During the summer, retailers, restaurants and municipalities hire seasonal workers to help with the influx of vacationers along the Jersey Shore. This includes lifeguards at pools, along the bay and on the beaches.

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